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001: Welcome to Life Re-Treat Podcast!

Welcome to the very first episode of Life Re-Treat podcast!

This episode introduces your podcast host, Danielle and a bit more about the Life Re-Treat podcast. 

We dive into: 

  • A bit about my life (getting to know me as your host)
  • Why I started a podcast
  • Why it’s never too late to go after your dreams and how to do so even when it feels scary
  • What you can expect when you listen to Life Re-Treat (motherhood, holistic health, mindfulness practices and more)

I can’t wait to have you take a listen to this very first episode and connect with you further on Instagram.

Make sure to send me a DM (https://www.instagram.com/ionlycameforthecake1/)to let me know what you thought of this first episode and to make our very first connection with each other!

Listen here:

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