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002: How to finally start and stick to a morning routine

I’m often asked about my morning routine and how I seem to have so much energy…especially with two kids currently under two. 

I thought it was finally time to share how to actually create a morning routine that you can finally stick to. Bonus that when you do have that morning routine you feel good about, you’ll actually have more energy and motivation throughout the day. 

How to finally start and stick to a morning routine

In episode 002 we chat about:

  • What you need to take into account when beginning your morning routine
  • How early do you really have to get up in the morning?
  • 4 tips for creating and sticking to your new morning routine
  • The two most important things you should be doing in the morning for more energy and motivation 

Check out the blog post: https://www.ionlycameforthecake.com/creating-a-morning-routine-that-keeps-you-motivated-and-energized-all-day/

Connect with me on IG and share your thoughts creating a morning routine: https://www.instagram.com/ionlycameforthecake1/

Listen here:

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