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007: Can you be body positive and still want to lose weight?

Are you a body positive warrior? Can you be one and, at the same time, also want to lose weight?

What makes someone body positive and how do you cultivate body positivity within yourself when you’re feeling less than stellar in your own skin and are looking to lose weight?

It’s a topic I’m taking on today and sharing my thoughts on how to create a positive body image while also being comfortable with losing weight.  

Can you be body positive and still want to lose weight?

In episode 007 we chat about:

  • What body positivity means to me
  • Why weight loss hasn’t worked for you in the past
  • How the way you’re speaking to and about your body is affecting your ability to lose weight
  • The one way to make weight loss actually become sustainable

Curious about learning how to be more body positive and still lose weight? Snag your free Food and Body Freedom session to help you create a plan for more self confidence and body positivity: https://bit.ly/food-and-body-freedom-session-podcast 
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Listen here:

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