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008: Navigating Infertility and the IVF Process

Infertility affects 10% of women in the US population, yet so many are afraid to speak out about it. They feel like it’s somehow their fault for being infertile and needing to turn to IVF as a way to get pregnant. 

I’m here to break that stigma and share our story and journey through the IVF process and what allowed us to have a successful egg retrieval and transfer on the first round. 

If you’re someone who’s about to go through, going through or know someone going through the IVF process, this episode is for you. 

Navigating Infertility and the IVF Process

In episode 008_ we chat about:

  • The signs of infertility and how we knew we were ready for IVF 
  • What we did prior to IVF to have a successful pregnancy
  • How you can help a friend who’s going through the IVF process
  • The one place NOT to go while navigating IVF



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