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009: Why “I’m too busy” is just your fear talking

We’ve all said it before: “I’m too busy to do x, y or z”. Our lives feel busier than ever lately. We’re working while homeschooling, parenting and running businesses. Honestly just trying to keep our sh*t together on a regular basis and it’s not always easy. 

So I get it. I get what it’s like to feel like you have to do it all and still wonder how you’re going to fit in self care practices. How you’re going to make it to the gym at least once this week. Or start writing that book that’s been on your mind. 

But here’s where saying, I’m too busy is actually just your fear and ego talking and getting in the way.  

Why “I’m too busy” is just your fear talking

In episode 009_ we chat about:

  • Why the busy badge of honor should no longer be a badge we hold ourselves to
  • How being busy is actually a cop out and holding you back
  • What being busy truly makes you do
  • How to gain at least an hour back in your day


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