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012: How to create a healthy weight loss plan that actually works

We’re heading into summer and you’re feeling the winter weight and vowing to make a change. You start setting goals to help you achieve your desired weight loss. 

Vowing to yourself that this summer will be different. 

You’ll definitely stick to your diet and exercise routine, surely making it past the first month when everyone else gives up.

But life gets in the way, and that routine you set for yourself seems too complicated and demanding now. And slowly it goes by the wayside.

The problem is not that you’re not disciplined enough. Or that you don’t know how to eat healthy without a diet.

It’s that you haven’t taken the time to build the right foundation for healthy weight loss.

How to create a healthy weight loss plan that actually works

In episode 012_ we chat about:

  • How to create a sustainable foundation for weight loss that you will actually stick to
  • What ‘feel good’ weight loss means
  • A reminder of why weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint
  • How to set realistic goals and intentions around weight loss


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