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015: What to do when your support system doesn’t support you

You’ve set a brand new goal, and you’re feeling really jazzed about it. But as you continue progressing towards your goal, you’ve noticed that your closest family and friends don’t seem overly supportive.

You’re struggling to keep going with said goal because it feels like those closest to you don’t get it. They don’t understand your goal and why you’re so excited about it.

Then it starts to feel like that goal isn’t worth continuing because your support system doesn’t seem to care or want to cheer you on.

The five tips in this podcast episode are going to help you feel more confident to continue progressing towards your goal. Even when it feels like there’s no one around ready to provide support.

What to do when your support system doesn’t support you

In episode 015_ we chat about:

  • Why it’s actually not your support systems job to keep you going towards your goal (trust that there’s a good reason for this)
  • How to stop engaging in negative feedback from your support system
  • When it might be time to look for a new support system
  • The one necessity for creating unshakable belief in your goal


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