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018: Learning to lean into your intuition to create healthy habits

Have you come to rely on your diet as the ultimate source of truth when it comes to eating healthy? 

Maybe without it you feel like you’ll never create healthy habits and trusting your gut/intuition when it comes to food just seems woo woo?

This podcast episode is going to help break the stigma around intuitive eating. It’s going to help shine a light on learning how to trust your intuition again, and why doing so can absolutely help you create lasting healthy habits. 

In doing so, you’ll build the self confidence in listening to your body that has since been overridden by trying different diets over the years. 

Why you need to listen to your intuition to create healthy habits that last

In episode 018_ we chat about:

  • How to override years of dieting to get back to the basics of your inner child
  • What that little voice is telling you, and when to pay attention to it
  • What to do if you feel out of control with food and leaning into trusting your body’s cravings
  • How intuitive eating will create a self confidence that’s been missing


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