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019: Four ways to measure your health beyond the scale

Our holistic health is more than calories in and calories out. 

Learning to find ways to measure our health that isn’t related to the scale is something I’ve been really passionate about for over 5+ years. 

When I saw a post from @sarahinyellow on IG, I felt like she so succinctly described everything I’ve been sharing with all of you over the years when it comes to the measure of our health. 

So in today’s podcast episode, I’m covering the four ways to measure your holistic health without ever stepping on the scale. I’m taking Sarah’s points and covering them in more depth and showing how I apply these same ways within my own daily health. Plus how I have applied the same mentality to my Six Weeks to Wellness program.

Four ways to measure your health beyond the scale

In episode 019_ we chat about:

  • How stopping doing this one thing can make you feel the healthiest you have in years
  • Why ‘health’ is so much more than our weight
  • How mental health plays a huge role in our overall holistic health
  • Why it’s okay to not always eat the most nutrient dense foods


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