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020: Lessons learned as a mom to two under three

Raising two kids under the age of three has its ups and downs. Sure our house is always in mass chaos, and life will continue to change as they both get older. 

I realized that with Carter turning one on September 2 (tomorrow), there were some pretty significant lessons learned raising kids that are 18 months apart. 

These lessons learned will apply to any mother. Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a mom to one, or a seasoned mother, these six lessons will help you continue to navigate motherhood in the best way possible. 

I truly loved recording this episode, even if it is a bit emotional thinking about our son turning one. But the conversation had on this episode is an extremely important one to continue to have at all stages of motherhood. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it!

Lessons learned as a mom to two under three

In episode 020_ we chat about:

  • Why doing this one thing can actually make you a better mom
  • We know you love your kids, but it’s 100% acceptable to do this
  • If you’re always trying to find this one thing, it’s never going to come
  • The most important lesson I’ve ever learned as a mom


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