20 must have gifts for your favorite baker. Are you looking for great gifts for someone who loves to bake? Check out part one of this list for appliances and tools that will help your favorite baker succeed in their future baking extravaganza.

20 Must Have Gifts for Your Favorite Baker: Part One

Here are 20 must have gifts for your favorite baker. In part one of this gift guide you’ll find 20 gifts that are the perfect appliances and tools to gift your favorite baker. I mean, if they have great appliances and tools to work with, they’ll obviously bake you lots of great treats. So really, this is a win-win!

Let’s start the list with appliances. These appliances are ones that I use all the time while baking, and really trust.

Must Haves:

1. Food Processor

  1. I absolutely love this food processor! The capacity size is really nice, and the blades do an awesome job of chopping everything up. It’s really great for chopping fruit for an amazing fruit salsa, or chopping nuts and harder dried fruit for these chunky monkey protein bites. I know this gift is a bit more expensive {currently cheaper on Amazon}, but it’s totally worth the money! I’ve used it outside of baking for things like grating cheese or making butternut squash soup {so good for this time of year!}. Because of all of the attachments, you definitely get your money’s worth with this one!

2. Blender

Another one of my favorite products! And to be honest, I’ve given this as wedding gifts, even when a blender like Ninja has been asked for. Mainly because I had a Ninja, but love this blender so much more! It does such an amazing job at making your own oat flour to use in cookies like these or these awesome gluten free shortcakes. It also does a fantastic job of blending chickpeas into a smooth batter for some of the best healthy waffles you’ll ever have. You’ll be surprised at how much your baker will use this blender. This is another product where the price tag is totally worth it. And it’s still less expensive than a Ninja or VitaMix.

3. Hand Mixer

This is another must have for your favorite baker. I would say that sometimes you can get away with just using a spoon to mix your batter, but there are times you just need a good hand mixer. Like if you’re making homemade whipped cream {because it’s the best to top pies, or an out of this world chocolate fudge cake}. And if you don’t want to spend the moo-lah for a stand mixer, then a hand mixer is a must.

4. Slow Cooker

This one may surprise you, but there’s actually a lot you can do with your slow cooker if you’re a baker. That whole set it and forget it mantra is pretty true for desserts as well. It’s also great for making oatmeal overnight. Or you can get this really cute 4 quart slow cooker if the big one seems like too much. It’s perfect for smaller desserts, or small amounts of overnight oatmeal. Probably didn’t know you could actually make dessert in your slow cooker, did you? {Mind Blown!}

5. Waffle Maker

I’m throwing this one on the must list because you can really do so much with a waffle maker. Have you ever searched Pinterest for what you can make in a waffle maker? There’s a whole slew of recipes. But like I mentioned before, you’ll definitely be wanting to make these healthy waffles. They freeze super well too. And the best part of this waffle maker? Removable plates!! Gah, it just makes me so excited thinking about the fact that you can remove these plates and put them in the dishwasher when you’re all finished. Whoever is on clean-up duty {you maybe?} get’s the easy end of the stick here.

6. Timer

This is really a must have in my kitchen. If you want to be able to set a timer for your cookies, cakes or cupcakes, then you need a timer. Or you know, if you’re looking to get all fancy, you can also check out a Google Home. See below in the ‘nice to have’ list.

Nice to Have

7. Google Home

As much as I would like to put this on the must have list, I think it’s likely more of a ‘nice to have’. Once you start telling Google Home to set timers for your cookies and cakes, it starts to become second nature. “Hey Google, set a timer for cookies for 12 minutes.” Walk away and 12 minutes later Google reminds you about those crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside cookies. Well maybe the smell will also remind you, but Google will be more accurate. And if you don’t want to spend quite as much on a Google Home, check out the mini…super cute!

8. Stand Mixer

This is yet another appliance I would love to move to the must have list, but I get that it’s not the cheapest item to be asking Santa for. So depending on how much ?? you’re willing to shell out your favorite baker, this one stays on the ‘nice to have’.

9. Bonus! Bread Maker

This is the bread bomb.com! Does your baking friend love the thought of homemade bread, but is  too intimidated to make it from scratch? Then a bread machine is the perfect gift for them {and secretly for you, because: carbs}. It’s basically like the slow cooker of the gluten world. Place all of the ingredients in the pan, choose a setting and walk away. Then 3ish hours later there’s a freshly baked loaf of bread. And omg, the smells that come out of there. Let’s just say they’re heavenly. Oh, and for those who can’t eat all the gluten, there’s a gluten free setting that actually makes some fantastic bread. Yay for no cardboard!


Now that we’ve made it through the must have and nice to have appliances, let’s move on to the tools every baker must have.

Must Haves

10. Set of Mixing Bowls

These are probably a given, but the lids are the best. Because let’s just say your baking best friend was making a batch of banana caramel cupcakes and had to run out for some powdered sugar. Well she can just pop a lid right on that bowl and stick the batter in the fridge. Problems solved!

11. Measuring Cups & Spoons

Every good baker knows that measuring is the most important part of baking. Baking is like a science, and measuring is a huge part of the equation. Talking so much science {and math} has made me hungry for some healthy chocolate brownies. Anyone want to bring me one??

12. Rolling Pin and mat

Sugar cookies, pita bread, pie crust and more all require a tool to roll out the dough. And while a wine bottle would work in most cases, a gorgeous marble rolling pin will work much better for your baker friend. Plus then she can drink that wine while baking instead. ??

And while rolling dough on a floured counter top may work for some, I don’t think sweeping up flour all day is on your bakers mind. So pick up this mat to go along with the rolling pin, and you’ll likely have a pie waiting for you after this gift.

13. Cooling Rack

I used to think that this was a ‘nice to have’ gift, but have since learned that it’s really a must have. Place cookies or cupcakes on here to cool {cooling rack…get it?? I just kill myself}. This way they won’t continue to bake while they rest on the baking sheet. Plus they’re easier to steal from the cooling rack…just be very sneaky about it.

15. Microplane

A microplane is just a fancy word for a zester. Your baker friend is probably familiar with this item. It’s also apparently one of Ina Garten’s favorite tools in the kitchen. And who doesn’t want to be able to cook and bake just like Ina?

Nice to Have

16. Lemon Juicer

Now while the microplane is a necessity, the juicer is a nice to have. If you don’t want your hands smelling like lemons or limes, then move this one up the list into the must-have.

17. Liquid Measuring Cup

A liquid measure cup is a great gift for your favorite baker.
Another item that Ina will tell you every cook or baker needs to have. But I’ve found that it’s not a total necessity in my kitchen. If your baker is super scientific about her baking, then this one might just be a must have for her. Include it with the other measuring cups and spoons and she’ll have a complete set.

18. Mesh Colander or Sifter

Did you know that sifting your flour makes for lighter and fluffier cakes or cupcakes? If you want to encourage your baking friend to make you light and fluffy cakes, then pick up one of these mesh strainers {it does double duty for straining beans or pasta}.

19. Cookie Scoop

A cookie scoop is a perfect gift for your favorite baker. They cake make bakery style cookies with this cookie scoop.
While a cookie scoop does a great job of making evenly sized cookies, a spoon usually works just fine. If your cookie baker doesn’t care about perfectly round cookies, then this isn’t a necessity for her. But if she’s wanting to show off those bakery style, from scratch cookies, then buy her one of these. Plus this brand is Cake Boss…for your own cake boss.

20. Dessert Decorator
One perfect gift for your favorite baker. A cake decorator will skyrocket them to professional baker status.

Sometimes freehand also means messy. Get this for the best baker {but maybe not the best froster} you know. She’ll totally appreciate being able to load the frosting into the tube, choose the decorating tip she wants and then pipe the frosting with one hand. No piping bags required. She’ll feel like a total pro with this baby.


And there you have it {part one at least}! Even if you only bought one or two gifts off this list, your best baker friend will love you forever. And you’ll love her forever because she will start baking so much more…just for you of course! ?

Stay tuned for part two.

Do you have someone who loves to bake? Are you looking for the perfect gift for that baker? Check out this list of the 20 best gifts for your favorite baker. These gift ideas are sure to please.

Do you have someone who loves to bake? Are you looking for the perfect gift for that baker? Check out this list of the 20 best gifts for your favorite baker. These gift ideas are sure to please. #gifts #holidays #giftguide #bestgifts #baking

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