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7 Day Feeling Fit Challenge

We’re just a couple of weeks into 2019, and you’ve likely started to take a look at your diet and exercise routine again.

Doesn’t everyone use the new year as a way to refocus their energy on working off the cookies and eggnog from the year before?

As a health and fitness coach, I wanted to share a 7 day challenge around feeling fit after the holidays and well past the traditional new year’s resolution.

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If you know anything about me, you know that my focus is on helping you create and sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle. I don’t like to focus on diets or cleanses, but rather help you start to eat intuitively {or mindfully…whatever word you want to use}. I also want you to enjoy your workouts and help you find one that best suits your needs.

So this 7 day challenge is going to help you start to take steps towards eating intuitively, and finding a great workout program that I’m sure you’re going to love!

7 Day Feeling Fit Challenge: What to expect

I have been an avid exerciser and healthy eater for over 10 years. Those who are close to me {and maybe some of you who have been following me on Insta or Facebook for awhile can attest} know that I love when I can help others feel the same way I do about living a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why I created this 7 day feeling fit challenge. To begin to show you that getting started doesn’t have to be scary. You just have to start to take the steps towards that healthier life.

take it one step at a time quote

So for 7 days I have some fun workouts {yes, working out can be fun!} that range from beginner to more advanced.

Maybe you’re the person who struggles with working out at all {or stopping your Insta scroll to get a workout in}. Or maybe you’re the mom who has just a little bit of time in her day to squeeze in a workout while the kids nap. Or maybe you were once an avid exerciser as well, but life got in the way and you want to get back at it.

Wherever you’re at in your journey, this challenge is going to help you get your mojo {back} and begin a healthy 2019.

You’ll also receive a weeks worth of healthy recipes, meal plan template, meal prep tips and tricks and grocery list for the week. So all you have to do is run to the store and start prepping!

chicken fingers, salad, pumpkin pie money bread, raspberry overnight oats

These recipes aren’t complicated, and are made with ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store.

I’ll be sending you emails throughout the seven days to get you on your way to starting a healthy routine!

7 Day Feeling Fit Challenge: Mind food

Feeling fit isn’t just in the body, it really starts in the mind. So during the 7 day challenge you’ll also receive emails to help you expand your mind and work on personal development.

We are not robots and don’t just consume food and exercise for nothing. If our mind isn’t on board, our bodies are not going to play the part either.

So it’s very important to make sure you’re also taking in some mind food. Doing something to keep your brain just as healthy as your body.

7 Day Feeling Fit Challenge: The workouts

When you sign up for the 7 Day Feeling Fit Challenge, I will ask you to sign up for a two week free trial of Beachbody On Demand.

This is where all of your workouts will be located, and what you will follow along with for seven days.

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I do want to mention that you will sign up for the three month On Demand package to get your two free weeks. You can cancel before your two weeks are over so that you won’t be charged, but I honestly think you’re going to love the options and variety so much that you’ll want to keep going.

OR, if you’re feeling really ambitious {and want to save money}, you can sign up for a year of On Demand here, which equates to $8 a month for a library of over 700+ workouts. It’s like having a personal trainer without the insane cost.

But back to the workouts themselves! I wanted to share my three favorite programs that will be perfect for your 7 day challenge.

1. Beginner – Clean Week

Clean week is the perfect workout for those who are just starting out.

you are stronger than you think quote over two women working out. Clean week

This program is seven days {perfect amount for our 7 day challenge!}, and 30 minutes long.

It’s a really great option if you just want to learn the moves, yet still get a great workout in. Plus, trainer Megan discusses some of the most popular Beachbody programs and where some of the moves are coming from.

2. Intermediate – 21 Day Fix

This one is by far my favorite program! It’s really great for someone who had been working out, but maybe let the holidays take over their healthy routine.

I'm committed to being the best version of myself quote over two women working out. 21 day fix

It’s 21 days, but the workouts repeat every seven days, which makes it perfect to start out, and just right for our 7 day challenge. They’re also only 30 minutes long, which is ideal for mamas who have just a bit of time during nap time.

You will need weights for this program, a light set and medium set. There’s also a really great modifier for this program. So if you’re feeling like it might be too much, just take it down a notch and follow along with the modifier.

3. Advanced – Shaun Week

If you’re wanting to really hit it hard right away in this 7 day challenge, then I would suggest Shaun Week.

Shaun week: Image of Shaun T

It’s seven days again, but he will push you to your limits! All workouts in this program are under 35 minutes, with the exception of day five {43 minutes}.

You will also need dumbbells for this workout program for three of the seven days.

Shaun will encourage you to reach your max, but he will also encourage you to get your mind in tip top condition. That’s why I love his workouts so much. You’re pushed to your max, but he’s helping you reach those heights by getting your mind right.

7 Day Feeling Fit Challenge: The sign up

So are you ready? Are you ready to feel fit in mind, body and spirit?

Then click below to sign up, and you’ll be sent all the necessary information to get you started.

I can’t wait to see how much fitter you’re feeling after these 7 days!

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Join this FREE 7 Day Challenge that will have you feeling fitter for 2019. The focus is on starting to create healthy habits with workouts, healthy meal plans and personal development. #workoutchallenge #healthychallenge #workouts #healthy #freechallenge #personaldevelopment
Join this FREE 7 Day challenge to start feeling fitter in 2019! With at home workouts, healthy meal plans and recipes and personal development to feed your soul, you'll get started on your health and workout journey in just 7 days! #healthandfitness #newyearsresolution #workouts #athomeworkout #healthyrecipes #mealplanning #mealplans

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