Who am I?

Hey! I’m Danielle, and maybe I’m the coach you’ve been waiting for… 

If so here’s a few things you might want to know: you’re not super woman, and neither am I…

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As women, we hold ourselves to high standards.

Which is amazing…but not when it gets in the way of our physical and mental health. Not when it stops us from being willing to take care of ourselves first. 

It may sound selfish to put yourself first, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you put yourself first and remove the guilt behind doing so, you’re able to be more patient with those around you. You’re then capable of being the best you that your partner, kids, co-workers, friends or business partners need. 

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Here's what I've learned..

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Discover yourself again

The 3-step guide to
creating balance in your life

What Women Say

It’s never just about the food or the exercise. It’s about the whole of you and how you begin to incorporate feeling good, day in and day out, to become more energized, motivated and balanced. 

This covered all the bases for me

This six week program wasn’t just about the nutrition. It was truly a holistic program that gave me the tools beyond what’s typically focused on when it comes to a health and wellness program.

- Brianna R., Client
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I've regained my control

Danielle’s six week wellness program gave me the self confidence I was missing. It provided me the accountability I needed to implement things like meal prep, exercise and mindfulness practices back into my life. I now feel like I have the control back that was missing before. 

- Becca S., Client

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