Hey Friend!

I'm Danielle

I’m a Midwest mama who had a dream on her heart to start a business that supported other small business owners. Those business owners who struggled to market their incredible businesses because social media felt too overwhelming. 

I’ve always had a knack for marketing, strategy and seeing what other’s can’t. I’m very intuitive and love using my unique Human Design to make connections, build sustainable marketing plans and help small business owners start to see success on social media.

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How we got here

Back in 2017 I started my first blog and was hooked. I was constantly searching for what not only sparked my joy but would launch my entrepreneurial career. 

Pivot after pivot I landed a marketing manager position at an agency in Madison, Wisconsin. 

I spent 4.5 years honing my craft and recognizing what I was really good at. Coaching, strategizing, marketing and building relationships. 

In September of 2023 my entrepreneurial goal was realized. I have a huge grin on my face as I write this!

Outside of my business, I have a husband, two kids and a dog (Winston). I love to exercise (weights, running, HIIT – you name it I’m up for it!), meditate, read, get cocktails with girlfriends, listen to audiobooks and podcasts. 

The Team

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Danielle Burken

Owner, strategist, content writer

Morgan ives

Virtual assistant, scheduler, community connector

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