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Beginner’s Running Guide: 0 to 1 Mile in Two Weeks {Plus FREE Printable Guide}

Beginner’s running guide: follow this free running guide and the 6 keys below to becoming a runner in just two weeks!

Beginner's running plan and guide to take you from 0 miles to 1 in just two weeks. If you've never run before or want to get into running, follow this free running guide. #howtorun #running #runningguide #beginnersguide

I used to hate running. Weird way to start off this post, right? But I did. My cardio back in the day was dance.

When I left college, I had, like many others, gained quite a bit of weight. Zumba wasn’t really big at this time, so I needed to figure out a way to start to get back into shape.

Just being out of college, running was free and didn’t require me to go to a gym. My dad was big into running and convinced me one day to go out for a run with him. We took it slow. We would walk and run as a way to ease me into running.

Before I knew it, I was obsessed. I considered myself a runner! I was running anywhere from 3-5 miles a day. It felt like this amazing release, and I was seeing the weight drop off pretty quickly {with watching what I was eating}.

Over the years I’ve figured out some keys to running and ways to improve each year. For those of you who want to get into running, but haven’t found the motivation, or where to start, then this beginners running guide is made for you!

But first, let’s take a look at the 6 keys to becoming a runner.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Key #1: Mindset

There’s a reason this is the first key to running. Your mind is such a powerful tool when it comes to running. If you’re not in the right head-space when you go out for a run, it’s likely not going to go the way you hope.

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As a beginner runner, you have to put yourself in a positive mindset. Tell yourself that this is going to be a great run. That you can do this.

You’re going to be taking it slow these two weeks as a beginner runner. You’re not going to set out to run 4 miles right away. No, we’re going to ease you in, which should give your mind that much needed break from stressing about trying to become a runner.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Key #2: Setting Goals

Setting goals are super important, not just for running, but for your overall success throughout life. But for this guide we’re just going to stick to those running goals.

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Having a goal for yourself when you set out for a run will encourage you to go just a little bit further than you thought you might be able to. Maybe your goal for your first run is to just get out there a jog a couple of minutes. And that’s totally fine! Set a goal for the week or even each run and push yourself to keep that goal.

Once your run is finished you’ll feel so accomplished knowing you reached that goal. It will put you in that perfect head-space to set out for another amazing run during the week.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Key #3: Fuel Your Body

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but eating nutritious foods and watching your portion sizes will not only help with your running, but will also help with reaching your weight loss goals.

Eating the right kinds of foods and the right amount of those foods will greatly help you to fuel your body after a run so that you don’t wear yourself out. Your muscles need good nutrition to keep going throughout these runs and additional workouts.

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My favorite way to fuel up after my runs and workouts is with my Shakeology. It has so many extra nutrients that you’re likely not getting in daily. It’s an excellent source of protein and when blended tastes just like a Frosty {I have the chocolate flavor, and it also comes in vegan flavors}.

If you’re looking for a way to up your nutrition, then it’s best to check this out. You’ll receive additional guidance, recipes and portion control containers to help you get your nutrition on point.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Key #4: Switch Up Your Workouts

When I first started running, that’s all I was doing. I didn’t include any bodyweight exercises or weighted exercises. I lost weight, but I was thin in a way that didn’t include muscle definition.

Now, I’ve come to find that doing total body workouts that include weights and work my legs, arms and abs has helped to significantly improve my running.

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So you’ll find a few days in the guide below that include full body workouts. You can either search YouTube to find a workout that works for you, or you can follow along with the Beachbody workouts I reference. I know these workouts and I know they work to strengthen your muscles and turn you into an amazing runner. You can get them here, or send me a message through my contact page and we’ll get you started.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Key #5: Have a Rest Day

When I first started running I was running every single day. I wasn’t giving my body time to rest and recuperate. Running every day can start to lead to burnout, or even worse, injury.

So you’ll find in the guide below that there are rest days built into this schedule. It’s important to take at least one day a week to relax and stretch or do yoga.

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Doing so will give your muscles time to repair. Stretching and yoga are super important when it comes to running because it helps to lengthen your muscles and help your legs to not feel quite so sore.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Key #6: Have the Right Equipment

Really the biggest one here is having proper shoes. Finding the right shoes that fit your running style is really important to make sure you’re not going to potentially injure yourself. If you don’t know your running style, that’s fine! Head to your local running shoe store and they’ll watch how you run. Then they’ll give you recommendations on what are the best kinds of shoes to buy.

black running shoes

My personal favorite right now have been Brook’s Ghost 10 running shoes. I have a high arch and these shoes have been amazing! They feel like little clouds for your feet.

It’s also best to find clothes that you’re comfortable running in. Whether it’s capris, full pants or shorts, just find something you can feel good about running in. When you like the exercise clothes you’re wearing, you’re more likely to get out there and actually use them.

Beginner’s Running Guide: BONUS

While the below aren’t necessities when it comes to running, they definitely don’t hurt. They’re things I use on every single run and find them to be key for a good run for me.

  • A running belt: this has become my all-time favorite piece of running equipment. Rather than having my phone on an armband, it slides perfectly into the belt.
  • A water bottle: this little 6 oz water bottle has been amazing. When it’s warm, I slide the water bottle into the above belt and have just the right amount of water throughout my run
  • A good playlist: having music that gets you pumped up and ready to run is super important. I try to add new songs to this playlist, but if you have any suggestions for me, just let me know!
  • A good set of headphones: I struggled with this for a long time. I just couldn’t ever find anything that fit in my small ears and would stay in. Until I found these. They may seem a bit expensive, but they last a long time, and I would have saved myself so much money had I just bought these right away rather than trying ten pairs of the cheap ones.
  • An app to track your running: I use MapMyRun to track all of my runs and walks. It tells you how many miles you’ve gone and what your pace was. It’s a great way to keep track of your running and your improvements.

Beginner’s Running Guide: Your Free Guide

So here it is…what you really came here for! Below is the free beginner’s running guide that includes running and workouts. You’ll want to have either a watch or a tabata app that can keep track of how long you should run and walk and how many rounds.

Now let’s go hit that pavement together! {click the photo to take you to the full guide}

Free beginners running guide

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