A new training {video and workbook} will be uploaded when available. 

The trainings will be done in the private Facebook community, but will be uploaded here for those who don’t have Facebook.

You will need to enter this password to access the videos: POMSChallenge 

January 2020 Training – How to Begin Eating Mindfully

February 2020 Training – Your Relationship with Food

April 2020 Training – Self love

May 2020 Training – Combating Food Fears

download May 2020 training workbook with an image of fries to the left

June 2020 Training – Connecting to your Why

There’s no video for this month, but the one page is the best way to connect with your why.

what is your why
download june 2020 training workbook

July 2020 Training – Intuitive Exercise

download July training workbook

August 2020 Training – Combating Negative Body Image

download august 2020 training workbook

September 2020 Training – How to Stop Tracking

Woman smiling while eating with text next to her: download your training workbook

October 2020 Training – How to stop food guilt

download october 2020 training workbook

November 2020 Training – How to make food a neutral resource

download november 2020 training workbook

December 2020 Training – How to stop playing the comparison game

man wearing a hat next to text

January 2021 Training – How to know if you’re still restricting

download January 2021 training workbook

February 2021 Training: 6 ways to practice self love

woman journaling with text in a pink box that says "download February 2021 workbook"

March 2021 Training: Emotional eating vs. eating based on emotions

March 2021 EFLC Training from Danielle Burken on Vimeo.

download March 2021 training workbook

April 2021 Training: How to Create a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

download April 2021 training workbook