Exercise on your terms, on your schedule

mom and two kids doing down dog yoga in their living room

If going to the gym gives you pause. 

Or the thought of a hiring a personal trainer feels really daunting. 

Or you’ve been dying to try something new like Zumba, but are afraid of what others might say. 

Or you’re simply looking to reinvigorate your workout routine, this exercise mini session is going to be for you!

What we'll do

In this 90 minute session: 

  • We’ll exercise in your home or outside in your neighborhood, a safe space where you feel comfortable.
  • We’ll do a 30-40 minute workout of your choice: Zumba, HIIT, Tabata, weight training, running, walking, yoga, etc.
  • I’ll get to know your personal schedule and develop a personalized guide on how to incorporate or reincorporate an exercise routine into it.
  •  I’ll provide you with a one week exercise playlist of easy to follow videos based on workouts you will look forward to incorporating into your lifestyle.

I'm finally pushing myself again

One exercise session with Danielle left me feeling motivated and ready to re-incorporate exercise back into my life. She showed me how important movement was and how it was a form of self-love. She pushed me to try a workout I hadn’t done in quite awhile, and was the motivation I needed to keep going when I was ready to stop halfway through. 

Danielle is fun to workout with and is willing to try anything I wanted to do, which gave me the motivation to know I could do these workouts too and actually push myself again. 

- Brianna R.

Exercise gets to be fun and something you look forward to! 

It’s a moment of thanks to your body and knowing that you are capable of so much. 

If you’re ready to learn how to create an exercise routine that actually fits your schedule, book* a mini session now. 

*When you pay for your mini session, you’ll then be sent an email to book your session.