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021: Guided meditation for growth and expansion

As women, mothers, wives, we’re typically trying to be it all and do it all. Not just in our home, but also at work. It’s why it’s so easy for us to feel like we have to be superwoman, but that tends to lead to burn out and in turn makes it easier for us to start letting things like meal prep, exercise, meditation and self care go to the wayside. 

This meditation will guide you towards remembering who you are as a woman and celebrating that to grow and expand in all areas of your life. 

This meditation is designed to help you bloom into your best self. 

Guided meditation for growth and expansion

In episode 021_ here’s what we do:

  • A 7 minute guided meditation to keep you focused
  • Experience true growth and a way to light up your soul
  • Bring in the positivity and centeredness 


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