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Healthy Holidays: 6 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Holidays

Have you already started thinking about how you’re going to try and stay healthy this holiday season? Only to think, “whatever, I do the same thing each year, I’ll never be healthy during the holidays.”

STOP! Stop that thinking right there!

Because it is totally possible to stay healthy during the holidays. It doesn’t have to take a lot, but following these eight tips below, you’ll be prepared for when the holidays hit.

Healthy Holidays Tip 1: Keep a Positive Mindset

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If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love having a positive mindset. That’s the first piece of advice I always give my clients.

Being open to living a healthier lifestyle is imperative to maintaining that lifestyle. Whether it’s during the holidays or beyond. When you have an open mind and you’re ready to make a change in the way you live your life, for the better, you’ll be surprised at what you’re able to accomplish when it comes to health and fitness goals.

If you’re not ready to commit to this healthier life, then it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the change is not going to stick.

Healthy Holidays Tip 2: Your Symbiotic Relationship

What the heck is she talking about, “symbiotic relationship”? Meaning that exercise and eating go hand in hand.

I don’t like to use the word diet, because I don’t believe in eliminating any foods. I believe in eating intuitively, which takes a lot of practice. It takes practice because we’ve become so accustomed to following the next best diet to help us lose weight. But I want to put a stop to that.

The programs my clients follow have the perfect symbiotic relationship with exercise and food. They have seen amazing success with finding a program that finally works for them. With support from me, workouts that aren’t intimidating and easy-to-follow recipes/meal plans, they’ve been able to shed the pounds they’ve been holding on to for a long time.

If you want to know more about this program and want to get started before the holidays hit, check it out here, or send me a message!

Healthy Holidays Tip 3: Have a Support System

This one is HUGE! It’s incredibly important for you to have {even just one} person who is supporting your journey through living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

In an article from NBC, “Dian Griesel, Ph.D., co-author of TurboCharged and president of public relations firm DGI. “Workouts with others improve consistency because they involve a commitment. …Positive peer pressure can help curtail the urges to skip a workout … or quit.””

two friends standing together watching the sunset

Even though most of my clients are virtual, we have each other as support. Our Facebook group encourages you to share your workouts and healthy eating habits. Even including those days that maybe don’t go as well as planned. Having this support throughout the holidays gives good reason to keep up those healthy habits.

Healthy Holidays Tip 4: Don’t Dismiss that Party

Holiday parties are inevitable. There’s that Halloween party, Thanksgiving, and basically every weekend in December for someone’s Christmas party.

These parties don’t have to be stressful. In-fact, they can end up being a lot of fun being around others you want to spend time with.

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We tend to become stressed around food and drinks, thinking that one night is going to completely ruin all of our hard work. But here’s where your positive mindset comes into. Using your healthy habits you’ve already created {eating well and exercising consistently} will allow you to go to that party and make more informed choices.

Do you really want that cream puff? Is it what you’re craving? If not, don’t eat it. If it’s not bringing you happiness, it’s easier to turn down those foods you would have gravitated to earlier.

The nutrient-dense shakes my clients drink help to curb those cravings and help you to not overeat at all the parties you have. I want you to enjoy that holiday party, not stress over it and inevitably not go.

Healthy Holidays Tip 5: Plan your Workouts and Meals

This one is big no matter what time of year it is, but is especially true when it comes to the holidays. Planning your workouts and meals ahead of time will ensure you stick to that healthier lifestyle.

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Just like you plan your weekend parties, plan your workouts so that they align with your schedule. Are you more likely to sneak a workout in right away in the morning, after work or after the kids go to bed? Whatever time of day you enjoy working out, mark it as an appointment on your calendar.

Even though the workouts my clients do are virtual, they feel a tie to the instructor they’re watching and reporting back to the group when they’ve finished their workout. {Back to that support system}. Pretend you have a physical class you have to show up to. Mark it on your calendar. Make the time and get that workout in.

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Just like the symbiotic relationship I mentioned above, your healthy meals are just as important. If you’re looking for an easy way to get healthy recipes that are all planned for you {read: less thinking, more eating}, then the Deluxe Meal Plan is a must for you.

Healthy Holidays Tip 6: Take Time to Relax

The main program my clients have been following always allows for a rest day. This rest day is so, so important. You need to allow your body to take a break. When you’re on the go all of the time, this healthier lifestyle starts to feel like a chore, which ineveitably leads to quitting.

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This is a lifestyle change. This is not a quick fix or way to get in and out of healthy. I want you to use these practices as a way to maintain a healthy life without stressing about what the next thing is you should be doing.

So allowing yourself time to relax and rest is key. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to slow your mind and take stock of all the hard work you’ve been putting in over the holidays {and beyond}. Reflecting on what the week ahead will bring is a perfect way to align yourself and bring in all of those positive vibes to have another amazing week.

Healthy Holidays: Wrapping it All Up

Okay, I couldn’t help myself with that one {wrapping…like gifts 😂…anyone?}.

But for real. All of these tips are going to be great ways for you to stay healthy and feel less stressed during the crazy holiday season.

If you’re interested in getting in on this healthy lifestyle my clients have started to experience, again, just send me a message! I’d love to be able to chat with you about your goals and what you want to accomplish with this new found healthy lifestyle you’re about to have!

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