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How focusing LESS on weight loss can actually help you lose MORE

It’s December 2020, and we’re finally getting to the end of one of the craziest years we’ve likely all experienced.

When we all went into lockdown earlier this year you likely had to make some pretty big adjustments.

From your gym closing to eating at home way more often to your home becoming your office and school.

How focusing less on weight loss can actually help you lose more weight. Use these two simple tips to help you achieve your goal weight without dieting. These two tips helped me get into the best shape post-baby. #weightlosstipsforwomen #healthyweightloss #intuitiveeating #exerciseanddiettips #selfcaretips

You may have even experienced what everyone was deeming the Covid-15. A play on the freshman 15 many of us experienced in college when we were left to our own drinking and eating vices.

Now that we’re about to close out the year and you’re likely looking for the next best diet to get rid of that Covid-15, I want to put this little bug in your ear.

Focusing LESS on weight loss can actually help you lose MORE weight!

Yes, you read that right. Now go read it again.

There are a two key reasons why you’ve been struggling to hit that healthy weight loss goal you’ve been craving.

Reasons why you’re not hitting your goal weight

There’s a lot that goes into weight loss, but the one thing your diet isn’t talking about is your mindset.

It’s why {well and so many other reasons} why diets don’t actually work. They’re only taking into account the food and exercise portion of your lifestyle.

They don’t take into account you as a whole person. They don’t focus on where your journey started from, or why you started in the first place.

1. You’ve started your weight loss journey from the wrong place

Here’s the problem {I’m going to get real real with you right now}. You’re starting your weight loss journey from the completely wrong place.

The diets you’ve tried in the past, and continue to try, don’t work because you’re not strong-willed enough. Not because you haven’t found the right diet yet. And definitely not because you have to just simply stick to the plan better.

No. Your weight continues to fluctuate and you continue to struggle with weight loss because you started your journey from a place of hatred for your body.

You looked in the mirror and felt disgusted that you gained weight. You looked in the mirror and told yourself you were fat and that isn’t okay. So you vowed to yourself that you were going to finally stick to your diet this time. It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it.

This mindset is what’s holding you back. No matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to keep the weight off this time, it’s simply not going to work.

Your mind believes that it’s hard to lose weight. That you’re going to struggle just like you have in the past. You become way too focused on the outcome of weight loss, and that’s going to backfire on you.

But there’s good news! You can start your healthy weight loss journey from a place of acceptance and love for your body.

Flipping the script and saying, “I feel good with where my body’s at right now. It’s okay that I want to lose weight because it’s just a side effect to finally healing my relationship with myself from the inside out.”

This will allow your body to achieve a healthy weight loss goal because you’ve taken the focus off the external.

There’s a lot of mindset work that goes into this step and getting to this place. Eat for Life Collective, a membership experience that will help you heal this relationship with food, body and mind, can absolutely help you with the mindset work to make this step a reality.

2. Stop obsessing over your weight loss!

Obsessing over reaching a healthy weight is only going to keep you on the struggle bus of your journey.

When I was on Weight Watchers, I became absolutely obsessed with my weight loss. I craved getting back to my high school weight, even though I was freshly out of college. I hated what I saw in the mirror and I was determined to work it off.

I obsessed over food and exercise. Focusing so much on how little I could eat and how long I could work out.

It started to affect my interactions with friends and family, and it severely damaged my relationship with food.

When I finally hit my goal weight I became a little bit more lax with myself. But when I started to gain weight again, I hated it and became obsessed again.

But this constant obsession wasn’t allowing my body to thrive on what it needed most. I was so focused on eating the “right” foods based on my diet, but not based on me.

woman standing in a mirror with workout clothes on

When I finally switched from Weight Watchers to intuitive eating and became less obsessed with food, exercise and weight loss, I actually got in the best shape of my life.

I truly pay attention to what my body needs now. I was able to lose the baby weight in just five months because I wasn’t obsessed with it.

I started my journey from a place of love and acceptance and I ate based on my body’s needs. Now I’m back to pre-baby weight. All because I focused less on weight loss and more on me as a whole.

How to focus on you as a whole to reach your goal weight

If you’re looking to achieve healthy weight loss, but still struggle with the mindset behind it, come to Eat for Life Collective.

The group coaching and monthly trainings help you dig into your mindset so that you can get to the root cause of why you’re struggling with your weight.

It’s absolutely possible to achieve a healthy weight loss without dieting or obsessing over your food/exercise.

The Collective is your support center to help you focus on yourself as a whole being and reconnect to food, body and mind.

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