how to mix and match patterns for a summer cookout

How-To Mix and Match Serving Pieces for a Cookout

Learn how to mix and match serving pieces for your next cookout or BBQ. By the end you’ll know how to mix and match different patterns and colors and impress all of your guests at your next patio party.

Learn how to mix and match inexpensive serving pieces for your next cookout or BBQ. By the end you'll know how to mix and match different patterns and colors and impress all of your guests at your next patio dinner.

Memorial day is quickly approaching, so you’re likely going to be going to plenty of cookouts. Or maybe you’re hosting your own that weekend or this summer.

While paper plates can be great options, this summer calls for adorable mix-and-match plates. If you’re a host who wants everything to look cute, but wants to mix and match like a Joanna Gains pro, then look no further.

I’m showing you how to mix and match serving pieces for a cookout. From plates and napkins to silverware and glasses. Find the right pieces to make your backyard BBQ look more like the “after” instead of the “before” of a Fixer Upper episode. And in a budget we can all agree upon.

How to mix and match serving pieces for a cookout

Let’s start with the basics: plates. Because what good is a cookout if you have nothing to serve your tasty grilled meats {or veggie burgers} on?

Mixing and matching is all about finding common colors within patterns. With the plates below, they both share that beautiful rosé hue.

Next is playing with the size of the patterns you’re mixing. For instance, the pink plate on the left is a smaller, more tight-knit pattern. This makes it almost a neutral pink color. So the plate on the right can sit on top and act as your “bold” pattern.

pink pattern plate floral pattern appetizer plate

Next is mixing these two patterns with additional patterns and colors. I know this may sound like a lot, especially for those of you who aren’t used to mixing patterns and colors, but stick with me.

See how this blue patterned plate has some of the same pink and orange-y hues as the above plates? That’s going to make it a perfect pair for pattern mixing. Pair it with this simple blue small pattern plate. It’s basically the above principle, but in reverse now. Bold pattern on bottom, simple pattern on top.

blue and orange pattern plate blue and cream dot pattern plate

Don’t be afraid to mix mediums as well. Some of these plates are plastic {and super inexpensive}. While some are ceramic.

How to mix and match patterns

Now that we’ve gotten our serving pieces down, how about we mix in some beautiful cloths. Everyone is always in need of a napkin at a cookout. Why not class it up a bit with this gorgeous option below?

coral striped napinks

Even though this napkin has a small pattern to it, it’s acting more as a neutral in this mix and match cookout. The coral color will match beautifully with the rosy hues in the above plates.

Solid silverware and glasses

While plastic silverware and paper cups can be acceptable in certain situations, we’re going for a classier cookout. We are embodying Joanna Gains after-all, so let’s stick to real silverware and glasses.

Mix and match these plastic tumblers below to pair with your orange, pink and blue plates:

 =orange plastic cup blue plastic cup    purple plastic cup

This set of silverware may be your most expensive piece for this entire cookout {only $19.99} but it may also be the standout. Rose gold is going to play so well with all of the pinkie tones that will be shining during your summer cookout evening.

rose gold silverware

The perfect drink for your backyard cookout

While you’re spending time with good friends and good food, there also needs to be good beverages. And since we’re pattern/color mixing and doing all things rosé this month, why not try this Rosé Strawberry Sangria? Make a triple batch and serve it in this gorgeous dispenser.

large purple beverage dispenser

Put it all together

How do you feel? Are you ready to make your backyard look like it went from boring “before” to amazing “after”? With these tips and tricks {and inexpensive serving pieces from Target} I have full faith that you’ll be pattern mixing in no time!

Send me your pictures from your own mix and match serving pieces for a cookout. I’d love to see what colors and patterns you mixed together!

Learn how to mix and match patterns and colors of serving pieces for your next backyard BBQ or cookout. #patternmixing #howto #bbq #summercookout

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