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6 Best Tips on How to Stay Positive in Tough Situations

This topic has honestly been on my mind for awhile lately. I’ve recently been feeling very compelled to write about the tips and tricks I have found for staying positive during tough situations.

Do you have a negative self-talk loop running through your head, or it seems like everything is going wrong lately? Follow these six simple tips on how to stay positive. Use journal prompts for positivity, meditation and others for staying positive during tough times. #howtostaypositive #journalprompts #stayingpositiveduringtoughtimes #howtostaypositiveeveryday

There are so, so many stresses in life that can easily get us down. While I’ve naturally been a positive person, basically my entire life, there have been a lot of things recently that could have easily put me into a huge funk.

For those of you who have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, or even reading some of my Piece of Cake posts, you know that Burken and I are trying to start a family.

We started going to a fertility specialist back in September 2018. With each failed attempt at an IUI {intrauterine insemination, basically an enhanced version of timed intercourse}, it became harder for me to stay positive during this time.

On top of that, in March 2018, my dream job was eliminated and I was transitioned into an entry level position {I had been in the workforce for 6 years at this point} that I honestly hated.

After six months in that position, I finally found, and landed, a job I was super excited about. Only to be let go two months after starting.

So, you can see that all of this compounded on top of each other can make for some tough situations, and feelings of doubt and insecurity.

But, throughout all of this, I’ve found some pretty incredible ways to help break free of that funk, and ways that I hope will help you as well when you’re going through tough situations in life.

Six Tips on How to Stay Positive

1. Show Gratitude

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During tough situations, you may honestly not feel like showing gratitude, or may not even know what to show gratitude for when it feels like your world is crashing down around you.

But if you can take a moment to thank the Lord, Universe, Higher Power, whatever you believe in that you have something to be thankful for, it makes it easier to stay positive.

Every morning, or throughout the day, I thank God for my health, for Burken’s health, for the support of both our families. For the electricity in our home, our ability to buy healthy foods, for the bed we sleep in. For our friends who are always there for us, etc.

When you can take a step back and thank God for all the good that’s still happening in your life, it’s easier to be, and stay positive.

2. Talk to Someone

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but how often do you spend time in your own head, running an endless circle on your negative thoughts?

This loop continues to run in your head, and it just builds and builds, until you’re ready to burst.

Taking the time to talk to someone, really anyone, and vent about the situation you’re going through can help not only get it off your chest, but can also help to gain clarity from a new perspective.

It honestly may feel scary to share some of these darker feelings you’re having, but having some truly supportive people in your life can make all the difference on how to stay positive.

For me, I have Burken, a few close friends who I feel comfortable sharing certain things with, my parents, and my in-laws. I also started seeing an acupuncturist who also kind of acts as a therapist.

The thing with talking to someone that I want you to remember, is to find someone who’s willing to truly listen, and someone who’s going to be there for you, but not commiserate with you.

What I mean by that is, you want to find someone who’s going to lift you up, who’s going to help you see the scenario from a different perspective. But not someone who’s going to take you further down your negativity rabbit hole.

Don’t be afraid to see a licensed therapist. There should be no stigma around talking with someone who doesn’t know your story at all. Someone who can help you work through some deeper layers and feelings that friends and family can’t, since they’re so close to you.

3. Journal

woman in a white shirt journaling while looking out a window

You may find that after seeing someone {other than family}, that they may suggest you journal.

There are tons of journal prompts out there, but I thought these Journaling for Clarity prompts from Kayla in the City were really great ways to start.

Some people enjoy journaling in the morning, and some in the evening. Find a time that works best for you to basically brain dump all of those feelings.

Set a timer for 5-10 minutes, and just write. Write about the feelings you’re having. Write about why you think you’re having those feelings. Sometimes there’s a much deeper meaning behind where all of these feelings are stemming from.

If you get stuck, use some of the journal prompts to reflect on your day.

Getting all of those feelings onto paper, and out of your head, can really help to create a release for yourself, and more positivity in your life.

4. Meditate

I have found meditation to be such an incredible release, and a perfect way on how to stay positive.

It may feel weird at first, sitting or lying down, with your eyes closed and taking deep breaths, but even just the act of taking deep breaths can be extremely calming.

If you’re feeling negative, or in a head space that you can’t seem to get out of, try a guided meditation on YouTube.

There are so many out there, so find one that you can sit and listen to for even just 10 minutes.

Really take the time to calm yourself, breathe deeply, and listen to the meditation.

I’ve had some incredible breakthroughs, and clarifying thoughts that have come to me during meditation that have helped me to be in a more positive state of mind after.

5. Exercise

When endorphins start coursing through your body during exercise, you can’t help but start to feel positive.

I have found that when I’m feeling stressed or worn down by my negative thoughts, that going for a walk or run helps tremendously.

It gives me time to be out in the fresh air, clear my head, and do something good for myself.

If it’s too cold for the outdoors, do an online yoga video, or any other form of indoor exercise that will get blood circulating, and allow you to focus on, and be thankful for {point #1} the movements your body is able to do.

6. Find a Project or Hobby

Finding ways on how to stay positive can also, and should, include finding a project or hobby you really enjoy.

person holding a black frying pan, scooping food onto a plate

For me, I really enjoy baking {obviously}, and have found that the creative release of cooking and baking instantly puts me in a better mood. Unless, of course, I have a huge fail in the kitchen. But I’m still being creative.

I’m getting positive energy to flow throughout my body because I’m doing something I love.

If your daily grind is in a job you can stand to do, but maybe don’t necessarily love, then you need to have that fun, creative release for when you get home.

Do you have a project you’ve always wanted to do, but maybe were too scared to do it, or worried that it wouldn’t work?


You don’t have to share it with anyone else, unless you want to. Just start doing the thing, because it’s going to make YOU happy.

That release is going to help so much with continued positivity. And who knows, it could end up turning into something bigger than you ever imagined and change your entire life.

You just have to start.

How to Stay Positive: final thoughts

Whichever tips you choose to use to stay positive, I hope that at least one of them will work for you.

When that negative loop starts to run in your head, don’t just push it down. Write it down. Get it out.

When it’s out in the world, it no longer has a hold on you.

The more you start to write, the more you can clearly start to see thought patterns, and focus on how to start to change them.

Whether it’s talking to a professional, finding additional journal prompts to clear some of that negativity, meditating, or other, find something that will work for you on how to stay positive.

Also a great read on how to stay positive:

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Don't give up on life! Use these six simple tips to help you turn a negative situation into a positive one. Use these tips on how to stay positive during tough times in your life. #motivationalblog #positivity #howtostaypositive #inspiration  #positivemindset

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