How to show up authentically as you through the power of Human Design

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Enneagram, meet Human Design. 

Think of Human Design as the the energetic version of Enneagram. Your internal operating system – how to fully live in alignment for experiencing life in ease and flow.

All of this sounding a little woo? That’s normal. 

If Astrology and Enneagram had a baby, their child would be named Human Design. It’s seriously THE COOLEST system and personality typing for understanding who you are and how you operate in the world. 

Human Design becomes even more fascinating when we understand our friends, co-workers, partners and children’s design’s. We can drastically improve our relationships, friendships, working experiences and parenting when we understand each other’s unique approach to living life. 

Because Human Design is so personal to you, it covers a multitude of areas: 

  • Relationships: how do you function in your relationships 
  • Goal Setting: how do you set goals for success
  • Decision making: immediate decision maker or give yourself time
  • Building a business: how to best market yourself 
  • Digestion: how do you best digest foods for optimal health
  • Exercise, Rest and Energy: how to live in harmony with all three for your healthiest self
  • Manifesting: how you best manifest your life’s desires

How the Human Design Reading will go

  • One hour reading (virtual) where we dive into your unique Human Design chart how you authentically show up and live in intention. 
  • Receive a personalized PDF with all the details of your Human Design chart that encompass your:
    • working style
    • energy and emotions
    • how you best make decisions
    • learning, doing and teaching
    • eating and sleep
    • goal setting
    • how to show up as your authentic self
  • Receive a recording of your reading to reference details and nuances of your chart
  • One week of email support for any thoughts or questions that come up post reading

I've never heard more true words spoken to me

“Understanding YOUR design and how to utilize that knowledge allows you to give yourself some grace and permission to be who you’ve always been. There are explanations and insights for why you are the way you are, in a multitude of areas. We’re not all built the same and this has been the best chart I’ve come across that explains the nuances that makes you YOU. It was really beneficial to have Danielle walk me through the results of my Human Design chart. She put together some highlights, tips, and journal prompts specific to MY design, and was just as excited to explain as I was to learn. Everything we talked about really resonated both at work and in my personal life. Highly highly recommend!”

-Tasha F.

Ready to get started?

I can’t wait for you to experience such incredible breakthroughs by knowing your Human Design and finding the path back to you.