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Infertility with PCOS: Our Journey

Infertility with PCOS. Two words that I honestly never thought I would be speaking out loud {or writing about for that matter}.

For those of you who know me well, or have been following this blog for the {almost} past two years, you know that I’m a healthy person. I truly love exercise and healthy eating.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love pizza and french fries and cake, especially cake. But I am a huge proponent of mindful eating and eating to fuel my body in ways that feel good to me.

So when I found out back in 2017 that I had PCOS, it came as a shock to me. Especially because I don’t exhibit many of the traditional signs of someone who has PCOS.

That diagnosis kicked off our treatments and journey with infertility. Again, something I never thought I would experience or go through because I was a young, healthy, active woman.

But it turns out, 1 in 8 women suffer from infertility. Did you know that?

Probably not, because it’s not talked about enough.

What Infertility Means to Us

When I first started sharing about our difficulties with getting pregnant, I was amazed by the outpouring of support. So many people that I either knew personally, or had met through social media, told me how they also dealt with infertility.

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That was part of the problem for me. Here were all these amazing, strong, beautiful women who I had no idea went through any of these same struggles.

I wanted to know more. I wanted to hear from others that they had gone through the same things as us. That we weren’t alone. I wanted them to feel brave to share their stories too. Not just when the story ended, but as they were experiencing it.

Infertility with PCOS can be a scary word to many of us women. I know it was for me. But being able to speak out about it in a way that was real for me was so important.

It’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s something to help others understand. To gain more information and insight into what can be possible.

Infertility with PCOS and Our Treatments

PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome. Meaning that there are cysts on your ovaries that can cause you to either not get any period at all for a very long time, or even that you have very painful period symptoms.

For me, I have dealt with not getting my period at all, except for the help of medication.

I work to eat well to help get my body into a regular cycle, but that hasn’t always worked for me.

Trust me, I’m a huge fan of eating good-for-you foods that will help regulate your cycle, but sometimes the medication needed to step in to get us to our goal faster.

For six months I took medication to help me ovulate and help with my infertility with PCOS symptoms. Turns out it wasn’t working as we thought, and ended up seeing a specialist.

We then ended up doing five rounds of IUI {intrauterine insemination}, which is just a much more timed way of making sure the sperm meet the egg.

Sadly, none of those procedures worked for us, and now we’re here.

Infertility with PCOS and IVF

Honestly, it took me awhile to come around to IVF. My mind wasn’t in the right place to start it.

After talking to our doctor, and gaining all of the necessary information I needed to feel comfortable, we moved ahead with IVF.

Some women will be fortunate enough to get pregnant with IUI, but that wasn’t part of our story.

IVF is much more precise, and can see so much more than we ever could with IUI. Which is what I think we were in need of, and why I got on board with IVF.

I think it’s so important to listen to your heart in this case. To know that IVF is a big step, but if you truly know deep down, like I did, that this is going to be what brings you your greatest miracle, then the only answer is yes.

IVF and Our Support System

We honestly have an incredible support system when it’s come to IVF and our infertility journey.

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My parents and in-laws are there for us in our times of need, offering support and love. My mom experienced her own struggles with pregnancy before she had me, and I am so glad to have her understanding knowledge of what I’ve experienced so far.

Sometimes you hear of infertility breaking couples apart, but that couldn’t be further from the truth for Burken and me. If anything, this entire experience has brought us closer together as a couple.

It’s so important for us to be open, honest and up front with our partner throughout this process. They may not be the ones taking medication, injecting themselves each night with needles, or even the one carrying the baby, but they are just as much a part of this journey as we are.

Understanding that and sharing our feelings, even when they might not fully understand, will bring you closer as a couple and make that bond stronger.

Sometimes though, you do need an outside perspective. Someone who doesn’t know you personally and can help you to see different angles of the situation.

For me, that person was my acupuncturist. She’s more spiritual, and deals with hundreds of women who are experiencing infertility and IVF. She’s helped me to acknowledge my feelings in a different way, and opened my mind and heart to the entire IVF experience.

Finally, finding a team of doctors who are empathetic, and completely understand what you’re going through is extremely important. If you don’t feel comfortable with your team, it’s time to find a new team.

Our team at Wisconsin Fertility Institute have been incredible! I honestly cannot speak more highly of them. They’ve been there through it all, and are so excited for us and what’s to come. They take my personal feelings into account, and treat me like an individual, and not just another patient.

Follow Your Heart

Infertility, PCOS and IVF come with a lot of information, and I mean a lot!

But when it comes down to it all, you have to follow your heart and trust that you’re making the right decisions for you and for your family.

I know in my heart of hearts that we’re meant to get pregnant, and I’m meant to carry our baby. This may not have been the initial path I thought we would be going down by using IVF, but I trust that God and the Universe are leading us to our heart’s desire.

Only you know what’s best for you, but talking openly and honestly with those you trust can bring so much relief to this entire process.

Keep your head held high, and don’t be ashamed to speak out about your journey too in a way that feels the best for you.

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How to cope with infertility and PCOS. It's never an easy road, but seeking support and treatment can help to start to heal the 1 in 8 statistic of infertility. I'm sharing our journey through infertility, IUI, IVF and more. #infertility #ttc #tryingtoconceive #ivf #iui #infertilitysupport #pcos #infertilitypcos

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