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Is it Time to Cancel Your Gym Membership?

It’s the end of March. Three months into the new decade. How’s that new year’s resolution going?

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If you’re like the majority of the United States, you’ve likely given up on that resolution over a month ago.

You probably signed up for a gym membership with all the good intentions to keep up with going at least three times a week, if not more.

But then life gets in the way, and excuses pile up as to why you can’t make it today.

Except you might still be holding on, and paying for, that membership in the hopes that it will encourage you to get back out there.

But let’s be honest, it’s likely going to continue to collect dust on your credit card. You’re going to continue to find the excuses not to go. Especially as the weather gets nicer and there’s more to do in the summer.

So, is it time to cancel your gym membership and opt for something you’ll actually get use out of? I think so!

Creating a Sustainable Workout Routine

30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week, is all it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

So why does it seem to be so hard to accomplish?

It’s probably because we put too much pressure on ourselves right off the bat. Rather than easing in and starting with 10 minute walks three times a day, we have the all-in or nothing approach.

This is a recipe for disaster.

You’re going to get burnt out very quickly. Which means you’ll then start to find excuses as to why you can’t workout that particular day.

Instead, follow my simple START system for working out. Five easy steps to ease you into a workout routine you can actually stick to.

Why the Gym isn’t for Everyone

Now I first want to say, I used to be a gym goer. So if you find yourself loving the gym, then keep it up my friend! I want you to find something that works well for you that you can keep consistent at.

black spin exercise bikes and equipment in a gym

The issue for many people is that the gym becomes inconsistent.

They try to do too many things at once {see above recipe for disaster}. Which then causes the burnout and the excuses.

I found myself becoming tired of packing a bag every time I went to the gym. I would workout in the morning and need to pack all of the essentials to get ready at the gym before work.

My gym membership also wasn’t cheap. So I felt like I had to go at least five days a week to make it worth it. I would feel terrible for the days that I couldn’t make it to the gym, because I felt like I was wasting money.

I honestly missed saying goodbye to Burken in the morning. I was always waking up so early to leave for the gym that I didn’t get to say goodbye, or I love you.

All of these made me feel resentful towards the gym. I wanted to find something different. Something that would take all those feelings away.

Something like at home workout plans.

At Home Workout Plans You’ll Actually Stick To

At home workouts became my savior.

I could bust out a 30 minute workout in the morning from the comfort of my own basement.

No more driving to the gym at 5:15 in the morning. No more packing a bag and hoping I remembered everything. {One morning I had forgotten jeans for work. That was a disaster.} And no more missed kisses goodbye and I love yous.

The best part about these particular at home workout plans is that there were over 700 workouts to choose from. And each year there are more and more that get added to the library.

I had the choice of yoga, dance, cardio, weight training, HIIT. You name it, it was available to me. All I had to do was press play on the workout.

Bonus points that this at home workout plan is cheap. Like $8 a month cheap. So I didn’t feel bad for the days I skipped a workout in the basement for a run outside. Or just needed a rest day, because it was only $0.26 a day.

The Best At Home Workout App

Not only that, but I actually saw myself get in the best shape of my life with this particular full body at home workout.

I loved the fact that it was great for all fitness levels. The gym can sometimes be so intimidating. Seeing others crush heavier weights than you. Or running faster on the treadmill. Or just seemingly knowing exactly how each machine works.

multiple pictures of a woman in workout clothes, smiling at the camera

Instead, you’re working out from the comfort of your own home. With instructors who walk you through exactly how to do each move properly.

From beginner to advanced, there’s a workout for every single level. Plus modifiers for each workout routine as well.

This is quite possibly the best at home workout app you’ll ever need. I’ve been using it for almost two years. Which is the longest I’ve ever stuck to any fitness routine.

It’s because they’re constantly changing things up. They make the workouts fun. You’ll never become bored.

Plus with it being in the comfort of your own home, the ease of use makes it so simple to just press play.

Oh, and all the workouts travel with you. Because you have the app, you have access to workouts wherever you are. No more missing the gym because you’re traveling.

This may be the best at home workout program you ever try. So if you’re ready to cancel your gym membership, this could finally be it for you!

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