Let's make meal prep fun and enjoy cooking again

two women about to make protein balls in a kitchen

You know you “should” be meal prepping, but the thought of being in the kitchen all day on Sunday just feels like a “no thanks”.

But then your meal plan goes to waste and those perfectly good groceries you picked up on the way home from work get dumped. You end up in the Culver’s drive through or eating your kids’ cold chicken nuggets because you didn’t prep anything earlier in the week.

That stops here. (and no shade either!)

During the Ladies’ Night In Meal Prep party you’ll learn how to make meal prep easy, efficient, and enjoyable, without sacrificing your precious time or energy. You’ll leave feeling confident and inspired, with three (four serving) delicious meals to enjoy!

What we'll do

In this two hour session: 

  • Learn how to make meal prep seamlessly fit and work within your schedule
  • Learn all the tips and tricks to meal prep
  • We’ll talk through short cuts, freezer meals, best meal prep appliances and more
  • Determine your best times to meal plan, grocery shop and meal prep
  • Make three delicious meal you can take home, crossing one (big) item off your to-do list for the week
  • Meal prep resources, including one month worth of fully completed meal plans with fun recipe ideas and complete corresponding grocery lists
  • Groceries purchased by Eat for Life Collective and brought to the event (includes groceries for three, four-serving meals, one bottle of wine)
  • No need to get fancy – mom bun and leggings are more than welcome!
mother kissing her baby who just just came out of the bath

Meal prep mess is my new favorite kind of mess

As a working mom, weekday mornings are VERY hectic. Danielle showed me a few simple changes to make to my meal prep routine, making it a cinch and making my weekday mornings MUCH less stressful. 

Also – meal prep mess is my new favorite kind of mess! Overall, these small changes have made a huge impact on me and my family.

- Becca S.


Included in the price for the event: 

  • Groceries for three meals, four servings each
  • One bottle of wine
  • Meal prep resources (including two different styles of meal prep)
  • One month worth of meal ideas with corresponding grocery lists
  • All of my tips and tricks for meal prep to make it a seamless process for you and your family
  • Lots of fun! 


Additional Details

  • This event is up to four guests total (host + three friends)
  • This is an in-person event for women within 25 mile radius of Madison, Wi (please contact Eat for Life Collective if you’re outside this radius and want to inquire about additional travel)
  • The event is to be hosted at the host’s home
  • Eat for Life Collective will purchase all groceries 1-2 days prior to the event and bring to the host’s home 
  • Each participant needs to register for the Ladies’ Night In
  • Host: schedule your event (below). Once you’ve scheduled your date, an email will be sent to remaining participants to complete their registration
  • Host will receive a 10% discount applied a checkout