Ladies' Night In

Felling like you’ll pull your hair out if you hear “what’s for dinner?” one more time this week? 

If you’ve been relying on the Culver’s drive through or mac and cheese more than you’d like to admit and are ready to learn the best tips and tricks for making meal planning or prep fun, the Ladies’ Night In is exactly what you need!

With either a meal planning or meal prep session, you and your girlfriends are about to crush the meal planning and prep game!

two women in a kitchen meal planning

Meal Planning

Don’t miss out on this fun and empowering experience. Book your Ladies’ Night In Meal Planning Party today and start enjoying the benefits of healthy, delicious, and stress-free meal planning!

two women about to make protein balls in a kitchen

Meal Prep

If you find your meal plans (and groceries) are going to waste each week because you’ve been struggling with actually prepping ahead of time, this session is exactly what you need. 

Get your best girlfriends together for a night of fun, food and cooking and cross one item off your to-do list for the week. 

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you’re wanting a quick change, starting your foundation or want to build lasting healthy habits, there’s a program for you.

Book a free wellness consult to see which is right for you.