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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake 008

Happy {almost} end of October my sweet treat lovers!

These piece of cake posts are almost always my favorite posts to write, because I get the chance to look back on the entire month and remember all that has happened.

Some months are more memorable than others, and October is definitely one of them. There are just so many things that have happened, and I can’t wait to recap them all with you today! So let’s dive right in to that candy bowl of memories.

Piece of Cake: Celebrate

There was a lot to celebrate this month, but most importantly, my brother’s wedding! It seemed like so long ago I was designing their save the date invitation.

brad and rachel's wedding and save the date-min

And at the beginning of October they celebrated their wedding. Which actually just so happened to be my parent’s wedding anniversary as well! They were celebrated their 33rd year of marriage. So I feel like Brad and Rachel have so much to look forward to when it comes to embodying the love my parents have for each other after 33 years.

Another celebration was the acceptance of my new job! I had worked at a company in Madison for almost 4 years, but with some recent changes in the company, had started to look for something new. What I found was something that has been speaking to my soul for quite some time.

black and white floral dress with a gray jacket over the top

I am now an account executive for a small social media/PR firm in downtown Madison. I’m finally able to use my creative side again, and am looking forward to what the next few months, and years, will bring.

Of course I had to wear a cute outfit on the first day! This dress from Old Navy is one of my faves! I have two different colors, and could definitely stock up on more! It’s so comfortable, but the pattern really dresses it up. This jacket is a must for Fall and even Winter under you traditional winter coat. The scuba fabric is soft and comfortable.

Piece of Cake: Halloween

This past weekend Burken and I hosted our fourth annual Halloween Party. It’s always so much fun to decorate for the holiday. We change out the light bulbs to red and dim all the rest of the lights. I, of course, like to make Halloween inspired treats.

halloween party collage

If you’re looking for any tasty treats, definitely make sure to check out these mummy cake pops {a huge hit this weekend}, this super simple graveyard cake, ghost cookies and cream cupcakes, or this super delicious spiderweb cheesecake.

There was no shortage of amazing costumes, but I must say, everyone was pretty in love with my dad’s costume. He came as Amazon Alexa, and could actually answer questions for you {he had an Alexa inside his costume} and light up. He’s a tech guru, so it’s no wonder he was able to whip up this costume the morning of the party.

Piece of Cake: Nourish

This month I’ve been all about my protein powder that I’ve come to absolutely love. The nutrients that are packed in to one scoop of this protein powder are incredible.

It’s truly helped me to get to a lean body that I feel I’ve never quite had before.

shakeology, smoothie and fruit and yogurt parfait-min

The great part is that it’s one meal that I don’t have to think about. I just blend it up in the morning with my favorite frozen veggies and fruit and I’m done! Or, if I’m feeling really ravenous {or Burken’s still asleep and I can’t do my blending 😂}, then I love to mix it with some plain Greek yogurt, fruit and granola for an extra tasty, extra filling parfait.

Second great part about this protein powder is that it’s also a full meal replacement. So instead of that coffee and drive-thru breakfast sandwich that’s not doing much for you, why not give this a try and be full all morning long from good-for-you foods?

If you want to try some out, I have these adorable sample packets. Just send me an email and I’ll ship some out to you! I promise you’re going to love just how creamy and delicious this protein powder is.

Piece of Cake: One Last Slice

What I’ve been loving this month: 

  1. My absolute favorite loafers! I now have them in black and cream, and I feel like they go with literally everything! The fact that they’re so inexpensive is a definite plus.
  2. Maybe the best drug store make-up I’ve ever found. This stuff is like airbrush at it’s finest, and I’m so glad I found it!
  3. Manifestation Babe podcast. If you haven’t checked this out, you should definitely look into it. She talks all about how to manifest and visualize the life you’ve always wanted. My current visualization is all about pregnancy and baby!

What you’ve been loving this month:

  1. The Deluxe Meal Plan is creeping up there, and you all have been checking it out. If you’ve been interested in some of the amazing meals that are on this plan, but still have questions, feel free to email me! I’d love for you to be able to try out the meals that many have been absolutely loving. Plus the ease of the meal plan takes all the pressure off of you. All you have to do is follow the recipes and create some pretty tasty {if I do say so myself} and healthy meals!
  2. Apple Pie Snack Mix is that perfect fall mix that will be gone in no time at your next football Sunday party. So stock up on the accouterments and make this super quick snack mix for this weekend. apple pie snack mix in a bowl
  3. My most recent post all around Mindful Eating has been a big hit. If you’re tired of dieting and want to just eat real food without worrying about how many points, calories or macros it is, then mindful eating is definitely for you!

Happy end of October! I can’t wait to see what November brings! Send me all of your baby thoughts and prayers, we could definitely use them right now!

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