Piece of cake 010 2018 review: granola, cashew truffles, scotcheroos and pudding cookies
Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake 010

Happy New Year’s Eve my sweet treat lovers!

It’s hard to believe that December is coming to a close, and we’re about to celebrate heading into 2019.

I just want to take a moment to let you all know how incredibly thankful I am that you’ve been here for this past year and a half with me. My little corner of the internet has been full of some amazing changes over 2018, and I am so happy I’ve been able to share them all with you!

I hope you have loved these healthy {and sometimes not} recipes as much as I have loved creating them.

When I first started blogging, it was scary. I honestly had no clue what I was doing. There are still days I don’t know what I’m doing! But I’ve grown so much even just over 2018 and taken ‘I Only Came for the Cake’ in new healthier directions with discussions on mindful eating and working out. Two things that are near and dear to my heart.

workout move with knee raised

I continue to share some tasty, healthy and easy recipes on the Deluxe Meal Plan, making people’s lives simpler when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping.

As a huge thank you to those of you who have been following this journey of mine, I’m doing a $20 discount just for you! Simply use Reader20 at checkout to get $20 off healthy, easy and delicious meals to take you into the new year! {But don’t wait too long, the code is only good until January 14th}.

I’ve shared some personal stories with you all about our journey to trying to have a baby and my diagnosis of PCOS. This was honestly a tough article for me to write, but it was probably one of the best too. The amount of support I received from so many of you was absolutely incredible!

So for this Piece of Cake {which has broken into the double digits!}, I thought I would do a quick recap of December, but then also an additional year-in-review.

Piece of Cake: December Review

Of course December always brings on Christmas and the New Year.

We had a fantastic Christmas, spending half of it with my in-laws and the other half with my family.

My parent’s have decided to sell their home and move about 20 minutes away from our hometown into a beautiful condo. While I hold many dear memories in that house, I’m still very excited for the adventure my parents are about to embark on!

Burken and I have had another procedure to try and get pregnant that was not successful this past month. While it’s hard to deal with that, especially over the holidays, I know that our time will come. I’m keeping my head held high, and continue to radiate positivity {as my sweatshirt says below!}.

woman smiling at the camera

December also brought some changes to my career life. I had started a new job in October, but some changes within the company meant some downsizing.

I’m taking it as an opportunity to expand into different areas that I’m passionate about. Which include Beachbody coaching {plus a FREE Facebook group all around living a healthy and happy lifestyle…click to join!}.

say yes to you banner

I’m also starting a new business around designing invitations and cards for both personal and professional. If you have any need for family cards, business cards, wedding invitations, recipe cards, etc. please just let me know!

So while December was super busy and a lot happening, I’m extremely excited for what 2019 will hold for us, and can’t wait to continue to share it all with you right here!

Piece of Cake: 2018 Review

Typically I would share what I’m loving this month and what you’ve been loving. But I thought it would be fun to take a peek at what the 10 most popular posts of 2018 were.

So let’s check them out!

1. Peach Upside Down Cake

Peach Upside Down Cake. Luscious peaches sit atop dense cinnamon cream cheese cake perfect for brunch or dessert.

It still surprises me that this peach upside down cake has been one of the most popular recipes on the blog. I released this recipe back in July of 2017, and it was still the most visited post in 2018.

With good reason though. This peach upside down cake is studded with cream and topped with caramelized peaches. Oh, and you can’t forget the cinnamon cream cheese drizzle on top!

2. 6 Best HIIT Workouts Under 20 Minutes

Find the six best HIIT workouts under 20 minutes that will tone and tighten, boost metabolism and get your heart rate up in less than 20 minutes. Whether you're working out at home or a gym, these workouts will continue to burn calories throughout the day.
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

For those of you who follow along with me on Facebook or Instagram, you know how much I love to workout. So I put together some of my {then} favorite HIIT workouts that are under 20 minutes.

I’ll do a new one in 2019 to share some of my absolutely favorite Beachbody programs that are also 30 minutes or less!

3. Deluxe Meal Plan

While this may not necessarily be a post, the Deluxe Meal Plan was the third most visited page this year.

With the new year upon us, now is the perfect time to get your printable PDF meal plan. If you struggle with creating healthy, easy and taste bud tantalizing meals each week, then you need to pick up this meal plan.

When you purchase the meal plan you’re instantly sent all past meal plans, and will be sent all future meal plans for FREE! Buy today and get $20 off {enter Reader20 at checkout} and receive over 800+ recipes straight to your inbox that will get you started on a healthy new year!

Oh, and the best part is that every week on each plan has its own grocery list. All you have to do is print it off and take it to the store with you. Easy peasy, tasty meals! Okay, I know that didn’t rhyme, but you get the picture.

4. Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpeas

Cinnamon sugar roasted chickpeas are the perfect healthy crunchy snack. Low in sugar, they won't make you crash in the afternoon. These are a perfect snack for vegans, dairy free, gluten free, egg free eaters. #healthysnack #roastedchickpeas

This cinnamon sugar crunchy snack is so perfect for a quick sweet tooth demolisher.

With no refined sugar and a few simple ingredients, it’s no wonder these cinnamon sugar chickpeas made it into the top 10.

5. Dark Chocolate Cashew Truffles

Vegan cashew truffles contain three main ingredients and are insanely easy to make. These no bake healthy truffles are chocolate-y with no added sugar, dairy free, gluten free and super tasty. Whip some up in no time. #vegan #truffles

If you’re looking for a super simple, chocolate, vegan treat, then these dark chocolate vegan cashew truffles are for you!

They’ve been pinned over 2,000 times, so you know they have to be good!

Plus, they’re super great as a frozen treat if you’re straying away from the ice cream.

6. Mango Coconut Granola

mango coconut granola in a jar

Man, oh man! This granola is probably one of the best granola recipes I’ve ever created {and there are a few!}.

It’s like a ray of sunshine in your mouth every time you make a bite. If I have to bring something for breakfast or a trip, you better believe this mango coconut granola is making an appearance.

7. Super Soft Pudding Cookies

Super soft pudding cookies are a simple homemade cookie recipe for the softest cookie you will ever have. These super soft cookies will become your go-to recipe. Mix in M&Ms for a perfect cookie. #homemadecookies #cookies #freshfromtheoven

If you’re looking for a cookie that people will go ga-ga over, these super soft pudding cookies are it!

They’re not a healthy recipe, but they’re one that came from my mother-in-law. You should read the story behind why they’re one of my favorite non-healthy cookies.

8. Mindful Eating: What is it, and how to do it

mindful eating healthy pizza

This was one of my recent favorite posts to write. Especially with the new year coming up and everyone is taking a look at their diet, I wanted to show people that you don’t need to follow a traditional diet to still lose weight.

Mindful eating has been a game changer for me when it comes to living, and sustaining a healthy relationship with food.

Check it out for all the tips and tricks that will help you get started, sans diet in 2019.

9. Cranberry Cream Cheese Loaf

Cranberry cream cheese loaf is a healthy bread that can be eaten on Christmas morning for breakfast, or a sweet after dinner snack. Full of healthy ingredients that will be great after indulging throughout the holidays. #healthy #healthybreakfast #cranberries #bread

This gluten free cranberry cream cheese loaf is so spectacular! With tart cranberries that burst in your mouth mixed with creamy cream cheese and a spiced gluten free loaf, you really can’t go wrong.

It would be a really great treat to have tomorrow morning after all your festivities the night before.

10. Healthy Scotcheroo Bars

Healthy scotcheroo bars taste just like the real deal, but without all of the refined sugar and Karo syrup. Get delicious peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch flavor all in one no-bake bar in a healthier way.  #healthydessert #nobakebars #peanutbutter #chocolate

If you’ve never had a scotcheroo bar before, you’re seriously missing out! This healthy version is just as tasty and doesn’t contain all the refined sugar or karo syrup.

I promise you will not be disappointed in these chewy peanut buttery bars!

The Last Hoorah!

And there you have it my friends. The top 10 posts of 2018.

I’m surprised by a few that didn’t make it into the top 10, but I’m honestly just so proud that there is a top 10!

It took me months to decide that I was even going to start a blog in the first place. Now here I am a year and a half later sharing my love for sweets with all of you.

If you have a favorite dessert that didn’t make it, let me know below! I’d love to hear from you and what your favorites have been in 2018.

So while 2018 comes to a close, I can’t wait to continue to share my food loves with you. Have a very happy {and safe} New Year’s Eve, and I will see you next year {cheesy, I know}!


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