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Piece of Cake 012

Happy last day of February sweet treat lovers!

I don’t know about you, but I am honestly so ready for this month to be over. It seems like winter weather has just dumped on us here in the Midwest throughout the month of February and missed any earlier months.

I’m hopeful that March will bring on better weather and continued exciting changes in our lives.

Piece of Cake: living mindfully

If you read my last piece of cake 011 post, you know that I was in the process of becoming a certified nutrition and wellness coach.

Well, this month I passed my exam and am officially certified!

It definitely wasn’t an easy process, and studying typically took up the entire part of my day. But this is something that I’ve become so passionate about, and am extremely excited to be certified and put all of it to use.

Speaking of putting it to use, I also mentioned in that last piece of cake post that I will be creating a mindful/intuitive eating program now that I’ve passed my certification.

If you’ve only briefly heard of mindful or intuitive eating, then check out a post I did a little while back: mindful eating: what is it and how to do it.

This will help you get a sense for what mindful eating is, and how it can completely change your relationship with food and dieting.

But I want to hear from you! Do you follow a specific diet? If so, what do you like, or dislike about that diet? Tell me in the comments below.

Piece of Cake: staying organized

With all that I have going on in my life right now, from starting a business {Piece of Cake Designs} to blogging, to creating the mindful eating program, to becoming a certified nutrition coach, to being a Beachbody fitness coach, I really need to have structure and a way to keep track of it all.

I’m a huge paper planner person. I love having my electronic calendar, but I feel more at ease when I can write down my daily to-do lists and cross them off every day.

For the longest time I would just buy paper planners from Target because it was easy and quick. But when I started my design business, creating a planner was at the top of my list.

I wanted a planner that had plenty of space to view the entire month, but also for those weekly to-dos.

Piece of Cake Designs 2019 planner on a desk with a pencil on top

I’m seriously obsessed with this planner {get yours through that link to start making the rest of your 2019 plans}! It’s luxurious, and the perfect size for writing down those endless to-do’s.

Piece of Cake: one last slice

What I’ve been loving:

  1. 20 minute workouts! I’m not kidding, these 20 minute workouts have been incredible, and I’ve seen some absolutely amazing transformations from other ladies in just this 6 week program. It helped one of my clients reach her 20 lb. weight loss goal {read helped, she did not lose 20 lbs. in 6 weeks}.
  2. Our latest book club book called, 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton. This book is honestly incredible! I couldn’t put it down. And the twist at the end was one I seriously wasn’t expecting. If you have a book club, or you’re a reader, you HAVE to read this one next!

3. My new favorite skin care product from a company called Clearista. This retexturizing gel has totally changed the texture of my skin, and I’m feeling more confident to go make-up free lately. With PCOS, it can cause acne and scaring, and I feel like this gel has really helped with all of that.

What you’ve been loving:

  1. 5 Easy Steps for Getting Back on Track: January always starts out with really great intentions, and then two weeks in those intentions start to slip. This post was a big hit because these 5 easy tips can help you start to feel unstuck and get back to healthy and happy.
  2. Pink Champagne Cake Roll: not a surprise this beautiful pink cake was a top performer for February. It was perfect for Valentine’s day, and oh so spongy and sweet.
  3. Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie: this skillet cookie is one for the books. Super healthy, yet super cookie-like. With both the Superbowl and Galentine’s Day in February, this was a perfect shareable cookie.
healthy oatmeal chocolate chip skillet cookie with a spoon in the pan and ice cream on top

And that’s it my friends! A full recap of February 2019. Be on the lookout for more healthy recipes and that mindful eating program to come.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below what diet {if any} you’re currently on, what you like and don’t like about it. I truly appreciate your comments!

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