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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake 018

Where did this summer go?

The fact that it’s already the end of August is blowing my mind! As a Leo, and summertime baby, I’ve always loved summer the most.

Sure, I do love Fall when it rolls around. Cute booties, cozy sweaters, sweatpants. But, I will forever be a summer girl who loves boating, shorts, swimsuits, and warm weather.

I know I’ve taken a break from the blog for a bit, but those of you on the email list {and if you’re not already on it, why not?}, have been staying up-to-date on the happenings and getting some peeks back at older, fave recipes of mine.

Since it is the end of the month, it means time for a Piece of Cake post, and getting the rest of your caught up on all things August.

Piece of Cake: New Beginnings

If you read last month’s Piece of Cake post, then you know that we’re pregnant!

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Sometimes I still can’t get over saying that, after the journey we went through to get to this stage. Between seeing five different doctors, lots of meds, lots of procedures, and finally IVF, I can say that we’re finally pregnant!

In the middle of IVF I started a new job, which has been amazing, btw. Then just a month into finding out we were pregnant, we decided to buy and move into a new home.

Putting the blog on hold during this time was probably a really great decision on my part. Less stress, lots of packing, and just letting my body make a little baby.

man, woman and dog standing in front of home

Our move was super smooth, and if you live in the Madison area, I would highly suggest using Gorilla Movers. They were incredible. Moved super fast, and made things so easy on us.

We’re almost all settled in to our new place. Just a few things to hang on the walls, and then it will be time to just settle in and get back to the blog.

Piece of Cake: Health

Before we ever started trying to get pregnant, I knew I wanted to continue to exercise and stay healthy throughout pregnancy.

I’m so, so glad I made that such a priority, because I’ve been able to keep up with my workouts so far.

I’m feeling strong, both mentally and physically. Allowing myself to take it easy when I need to, but still getting my heart rate up, and even going for a run.

workout photo

The focus has also been, more than ever, around mindful eating. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I eat anything and everything. I still try to eat nutritious foods that will help both me and baby.

I’m not going to lie, that was super difficult to do during the first trimester. I wanted carbs and fruit a lot. Chicken was my one food aversion, but I’m back at it in the second trimester.

I know just how important it is to feed my body so that both of us are healthy. So exercise and mindful eating will continue throughout pregnancy.

Piece of Cake: One Last Slice

What I’m Loving:

Because we’ve been focused so much on getting our house set up, there are a few things that I’ve absolutely been loving that are more home related.

  • This framed canvas from Target. The moment I saw it, I was absolutely in love. The colors are so vibrant, and makes for a great focal piece in our office.
  • This rug from Home Depot. If you’re looking for a super soft, squish through your toes rug, this is it!
  • This dresser from Ikea. We made a second trip to Ikea just for this dresser. It took awhile to put together, but so worth it, because it fits our bedroom perfectly!

What You’re Loving:

Walnut pie crust: this healthy, gluten free pie crust is amazing for upcoming fall dessert recipes.

Healthy scotcheroo bars: seriously one of my favorite desserts. If you’re looking for a healthy spin on this classic, you MUST try these bars!

Healthy scotcheroo bars taste just like the real deal, but without all of the refined sugar and Karo syrup. Get delicious peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch flavor all in one no-bake bar in a healthier way.  #healthydessert #nobakebars #peanutbutter #chocolate

3-ingredient banana ice cream: August is the time for ice cream. Well anytime is really the time for ice cream. But this healthy version is one for the books.

That’s our wrap-up, my sweet treat lovers! If you want to get a sneak peek into our home and how I decorated {one of my fave things to do!}, then make sure to follow on Insta and FB for some behind the scenes videos!

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