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Piece of Cake 022: Kennedy Jane’s Birth Story

This Piece of Cake is going to run a bit differently.

Last month I had every intention of sharing my birth story with you. I had assumed that by the end of February we’d have been with our sweet baby for over a week.

Turns out she had a much different plan in mind, which led to me being induced. Along with her not being born until the end of February.

So instead, I’m sharing her birth story with all of you this month!

Kennedy Jane’s Birth Story

Back to the Beginning

Let’s take it back just a second.

For those of you who have followed along with my blog for quite some time now, you know that we went through IVF to receive our miracle baby.

In total, it was a two and a half year process. From going off birth control, finding out I have PCOS, trying medications that didn’t work, seeing a fertility specialist. Then more medications and timed insemination to finally IVF.

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We found out in June of 2019 that we were pregnant. After the first egg transfer!

Due Dates Come and Go

My due date was February 19, which at the time seemed like it was forever away.

Like most women, by the time I hit that 38 week mark, I thought we’d be having a baby any day.

While my belly was measuring under the weekly centimeter mark, she was actually measuring five days early. This definitely got my hopes up.

But turns out the little nugget was just too comfortable in there.

pregnant woman standing in a mirror

We passed 40 weeks, and had an inducement date set for 41 weeks +1 day. I was convinced she would come prior to the date, but I was wrong.

The morning of her inducement date I got up and squeezed in one last workout. Ate a good breakfast and lunch and then we headed in to the hospital on February 27 at 1:30 pm to start the inducement process.

It was honestly a bit of a surreal experience. I always thought I would go into labor naturally, and that it would be spent at home. Rather than driving in to the hospital calm as could be.

The Wait

Little did I know that I was already having contractions when we got to the hospital.

They hooked me up to two different monitors. One to measure contractions, and one to measure baby’s heart rate.

Then they inserted a balloon catheter to help dilate the cervix. This stayed in for 12 hours {the max amount of time it could be in}.

I was also given a very small amount of Pitocin, which helps move contractions along.

At this point, I’ve been up for 17 hours. I didn’t sleep at all while the catheter was in, and the contractions were enough to keep me up and uncomfortable.

Finally, somewhere around 7 am {I think…time started to get away from me} on the 28th, my doctor suggested breaking my water.

Almost instantly after that my contractions started to get really intense.

Labor Gets Real

We tried walking, using the exercise ball, bending over the bed, getting in the bath…all things that I thought would make contractions easier.

I’m honestly not sure how long it was before I asked for medication.

My birth plan had been to try and go medication free, but I was open to the possibility if needed.

My nurse {who was absolutely fantastic!} gave one medication through my IV, and I felt nothing.

The contractions were too intense. As one would stop, it would feel like Kennedy was pushing down. This made it feel like there was absolutely no relief in between contractions.

During this whole time, Burken has been a steady rock. Being there when I needed any little thing. Walking up and down the halls with me and my IV pole. Giving me a cold compress while in the bath. And finally suggesting giving the epidural a go.

Give Me the Juice!

As soon as the epidural was administered, I was in heaven. I now completely understand why women use it.

Sure, the process of getting the epidural put in isn’t the most pleasant, but it was beyond worth it for me at that point.

Also during this time my parents showed up at the hospital. Our initial plan was that they would come on Saturday, once Kennedy was born. But they couldn’t contain themselves and decided to come early.

After the epidural was in {and I had been up for over 30 some hours}, I was finally able to sleep. I talked with my parents for a bit, but I was so sleepy.

By the time I got a decent nap in, my doctor came in and checked my cervix. At that time she said I was ready to push!

Delivery Here We Come!

Because of the epidural, I couldn’t feel anything below the middle of my stomach.

So between my nurse and Burken, they both held my legs and my nurse would tell me when to push.

I never thought it would take so long!

A little over two hours in my doctor told me that Kennedy’s heart rate was dipping after each contraction/push. She told me this wasn’t a good thing, and that we needed to bring in another doctor to help.

After some time of pushing with this new doctor, he told me I had two options. Either use the vacuum to suction Kennedy out, or have a C-Section.

This moment puts me in tears every time. The one thing I absolutely did not want was a C-Section. I’m not sure why, but I had always envisioned pushing and having a vaginal delivery.

Everyone left the room and Burken and I talked. We decided to give the vacuum a go.

The Final Push

Our room was full of doctors and nurses at this point.

Two different doctors were there to help with the vacuum. While I was initially a little nervous, I knew they were excellent at what they do. I trusted them.

Two contractions and a few really good pushes, and I felt Kennedy slide out, and then there she was.

They laid her on my chest right away and the tears started flowing instantly. I couldn’t believe our baby girl was here.

After so, so much, she was ours.

man and wife with a newborn baby

Sure, her head was a bit cone shaped {okay, a lot cone shaped right then}, but she was beautiful!

Almost instantly after she was born though, the doctor who helped with the vacuum said that I had a major tear.

I had to be sewn up right after birth, which was about a 30-40 minute surgery.

Dad got some great cuddle time with Kennedy while all of that was happening.

Once I was finished, they brought me back to our room and my parents and in-laws got to meet our adorable baby girl.

Kennedy’s Stats

  • Born February 28 {thank goodness she gets a real birthday every year!}
  • 6:03 pm {almost 30 hours of labor/delivery. 3 hours of pushing}
  • 7 pounds 10 oz
  • 21 inches

We honestly couldn’t be more in love!

Newborn baby on a floral blanket with a pink teddy bear next to her

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  1. You are truly blessed. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl.

    1. We really are, Joan! Thank you so much!

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