man and woman holding a baby in the water. next to a baby sitting in a seat
Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake 025

How is it possible that June is already over??

I swear this year just continues to fly by. Even with quarantine the past couple of months, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we’re over halfway through the year.

It also doesn’t seem possible that we now have a four month old on our hands. When people say kids grow up so fast, they’re not kidding.

I’m ready to dive in to this month’s recap, if you are? Okay, let’s do this thing!

Piece of Cake: Kennedy Jane

Of course I have to start this monthly update with talk about Kennedy. I mean, who doesn’t love news about cute little babies?

Like I said, Kennedy is now four months old and doing amazing! She loves it at daycare…and they love her!

baby in a stroller

She’s a rolly-polly baby and is rolling from from back to front and then front to back.

We’re still working on that neck strength, but she’s come a really long way and can be held like a big girl now.

She’s also quite the little talker. Loves to babble and make sure you know she’s there. Smiles are happening on the regular, and giggles are on their way.

smiling baby sitting in a chair

Father’s day weekend was also her first experience getting in the mighty Mississippi and she did great! We’ll be heading back to Iowa for Fourth of July as well, and I’m sure she’s going to be spending lots of time in the water.

Overall, we have a very happy and healthy baby girl, which is all I could really ask for.

Piece of Cake: Celebrations

This month was full of celebrations! 🎉

We celebrated my mom’s birthday, Burken’s first Father’s day, and our five year wedding anniversary.

man holding a baby standing next to a woman, standing in the water

I knew before I married him that Burken would be an amazing father, but he truly outdoes himself with his father duties.

He’s attentive to Kennedy and changes lots of diapers {thank goodness 😜}. And while he probably will shy away from this compliment, he loves hard and is an amazing father.

I also can’t believe that this past weekend was our fifth wedding anniversary. We’ve had a lot happen in five years, and I am so thankful for where our journey continues to take us.

married man and woman

My husband also knows me very well because to kick off our small weekend celebration he bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a slice of cake and a card.

We had a very low-key celebration this past weekend. But we’re planning on taking a small trip {smaller than expected because of Corona Virus} this fall.

Piece of Cake: Intuitive Eating

Many of you have heard me talk pretty extensively about intuitive eating. And if you’re new here, then I highly suggest checking out some of my mindful eating articles.

You’ve also likely heard me talk about Piece of Mind Squad.

Well…I did something big and have re-branded to Eat for Life Collective!

I decided to make this change because I wanted the name to really speak to what this membership experience is.

It’s a support community {collective} to help you eat not only to live, but also to teach you how to eat healthy for the rest of your life without tracking your food.

I also launched a brand new FREE masterclass about intuitive eating and whether or not it’s right for you.

I teach you what intuitive eating is and how you can ditch the tracking and retrain your brain to still eat healthy. This will help you take back your time, control and confidence.

Piece of Cake: What I’ve been loving

My ice cream maker! Omg, this is seriously my absolute favorite home appliance. I’ve been making homemade ice cream on the reg now. A few of the flavors I’ve done:

  • Brownie batter
  • Reese’s peanut butter cup
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Roasted strawberry rhubarb
  • Monster cookie
  • Butterfinger {Burken’s personal fave}
  • S’more

I just love that I can control the amount of sugar that goes into the ice cream. It also only takes 25 minutes to make!

Gabby Bernstein’s ‘Super Attractor’ book. I’ve just started reading this, but I already know it’s going to be so good! If you’re into manifestation, or want to learn more how to bring everything you want into your life, then I highly suggest reading her book.

I’ve also just been loving being able to get outside and enjoy this nice weather. I’ve been working from home, our office isn’t fully open yet, and I love being able to work outside.

Piece of Cake: What you’ve been loving

I swear, this recipe never leaves the top spot, and since it’s peach season, I thought I should definitely share it again. It’s a peach upside down cake.

I always find it so funny that this one continues to hold the number one spot, because I made this cake on a whim. I took pictures of it right before friends came over to eat it. And somehow it constantly remains at the number one spot.

Another fave of yours {and mine} are these gluten free rhubarb cheesecake bars. The crust is made from walnuts and a few other tasty ingredients. I may have to make these again now that rhubarb is back in season!

An oldie, but a goodie: Mango coconut granola. If you’re a granola fan, and you want the taste of summer, make this! It reminds me that I definitely need to make this granola again this summer.

mango coconut granola in a jar

And that’s it for this month’s wrap up! I hope you have an incredible Fourth of July, and I can’t wait to share a brand new peach recipe with you in the coming weeks.

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