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Piece of Cake

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I know I think this and probably say it every single time I start a monthly recap, but August seemed to go especially fast.

It seems almost impossible to think that we’ll be starting the month of September tomorrow.

Also that September tends to signal fall, which I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for.

Summer is my favorite time of year, and this has been a really excellent one.

August was especially great for a few different reasons. So let’s dive in!

Piece of Cake: Celebrations

August is the home to lots of birthdays in our family.

Both of Burken’s parents celebrate early in the month. My grandma celebrates hers exactly a week before mine.

Then there’s my birthday! This year I turned 31. It honestly seems a little strange to think about. Even with Covid, it was an excellent birthday celebration.

mom, dad and baby smiling at the camera

Burken and I went out to dinner with Kennedy the night of my birthday. The following day was a Friday and I took the day off to go get my nails done with a friend.

I did a little shopping after that and then we went to Burken’s parents for dinner and some family time. That Saturday was spent out on the boat with my family.

We had an excellent birthday dinner that night to celebrate.

mom in a white dress and jean vest holding and looking at a baby

The following morning my brother and sister-in-law came over for breakfast. It was probably the longest birthday celebration I’ve experienced.

Piece of Cake: Kennedy Updates

We also got to celebrate Kennedy turning six months old this month!

I know so many parents say that time goes by so fast, but you don’t realize just how fast until you’re in the thick of it.

To think we have a six month old on our hands just blows my mind.

She is now sitting up on her own. She can drink from a sippy cup. She rolls over like it’s her job, and she’s definitely working on the crawling. Also LOVES talking up a storm and will let you know when she thinks you’re not paying attention to her.

five photos of a six month old baby

We’ve tried a few pureed foods. Which she’s especially a fan of a apple, banana, oatmeal mixture. She’ll eat carrots, but definitely not a fave option right now.

Earlier in the month I shared on my stories that I had packed up a lot of her clothes that were now too small.

I kept it all together during that time. Knowing that we want to have a second baby in the future definitely helped me get through putting those clothes away.

Piece of Cake: Eat for Life Collective

This month I hosted another free intuitive eating masterclass. We go over the six key steps to learning if intuitive eating is right for you.

I have so much fun teaching this class every time! Mainly because this information can truly help you to decide if intuitive eating is something you’re ready for.

It’s a scary thought to completely ditch the tracking you’ve been doing for so long and move towards eating intuitively. Which is why I had created Eat for Life Collective in the first place.

I wanted you to have that support hub and community to help you through those challenging times you’ll face when you finally stop tracking.

The Collective is also your place to learn the “how-to” and the “woo” of intuitive eating.

There’s a 12-module course that teaches you everything you need to know on how to eat intuitively. The monthly trainings go into the deeper mindset (or woo) side of intuitive eating.

All of this is offered in your membership when you join.

join eat for life collective

Piece of Cake: What I’ve Been Loving

I know I’ve talked about this in the past, but my ice cream maker may still be one of my favorite things. Especially in the month of August.

It’s been quite hot this month, and a bowl of homemade ice cream at the end of the night is the most fantastic thing.

I also bought two pairs of shoes for my birthday that I’ve been absolutely loving. They’re pretty similar, and the second pair was a total steal.

These earrings from Target are also giving me all the feels. I’ve been kind of obsessed with leopard print lately, and these were the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Piece of Cake: What You’ve Been Loving

Just like my love for my ice cream maker, you have been loving the 3-ingredient banana ice cream recipe! Seriously, three ingredients to making a nice cream that’s super delish.

Another summer fave: peach pie. But this time I turned it into the lazy woman’s pie, as I like to call it. Enter the peach cheesecake galette.

slices of peach cheesecake galette on two plates with the whole pie on a pink plate, surrounded by fresh peaches

Also a fantastic peach recipe: peach blueberry cupcakes. I love the fruit that just bursts out of these cupcakes. The frosting is pretty fantastic on these little gems too.

There you have it friends. August has been recapped. Next month we’re taking a short family vacation. It will be our first time away from Kennedy for more than one night. Wish us luck!

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