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Piece of Cake

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September is coming to a close, which means Fall is well on its way. Hopefully by the end of October, this year, I’m not writing that we have six inches of snow.

Last year on Halloween we had a snow storm that I definitely could have done without.

But let’s focus on the still nice weather and all of what went down this September.

Piece of Cake: Celebrate

This month we celebrated Burken’s birthday! We kept it pretty low key {he doesn’t like to make a big fuss over his birthday}. We went out to dinner with a couple good friends and he got to go golfing.

September also marks Kennedy’s seven month birthday.

She’s now “talking” and sounds like she’s trying to say words. It might be the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

No crawling happening yet, but she still rolls all over the place. She can maneuver herself to get to where she wants to go. I have a feeling crawling is on the horizon.

baby sitting on the floor next to a box toy and a blanket behind her

She also has her first tooth! We couldn’t figure out why she was fussy and not sleeping well earlier this month. Come to find out she was cutting teeth! Right now it’s the bottom, middle right that’s coming in.

I was so thankful to have had an amazing breastfeeding experience with Kennedy, but made the decision to stop this month as well.

We want to add to our family sooner rather than later, and knowing all the complications I had to conceive Kennedy {read that story here}, we thought it was best to stop breastfeeding now.

Piece of Cake: Family Vacay

This month was also our family vacation. This was an adults only vacation in the middle of Iowa. We stayed in a very nice VRBO house and had a very relaxing and fun vacation.

family at a bar sitting it a high top table

As I mentioned, it was an adult vacation. Meaning baby free! This was our first big trip away from Kennedy, and it went really smoothly.

My in-laws watched her for four nights. It was a little tough in the beginning to say goodbye, but getting pictures and updates was extremely helpful.

a couple sitting at a table with a lake behind them

Knowing that she was in good hands and what an easy-going baby she is, that definitely quelled any anxiety I would have had about leaving her.

On vacation we relaxed, played some invigorating games of croquet, did some shopping in Des Moines and drank…oh, and slept in! The sleeping in was probably one of my favorites haha.

Piece of Cake: Eat for Life Collective

This month I created two brand new Freebies around intuitive eating.

I’m super excited about them both and think they’re going to be amazing resources for you!

One: The free mindset guide to weight loss. The four mindset shifts that are absolutely necessary to be able to see lasting and sustainable weight loss.

Two: The six practical and positive tips to live a healthy and balanced life. Use this guide to help you unlock the doors to living a healthy life without dieting or tracking.

6 practical and positive tips to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle next to bottles of pink grapefruit juice

Number two might be one of my favorites. It’s my baby. All the things I want you to know and learn about intuitive eating and how it can truly change your life.

No more stress and anxiety around food. Just the best tips I have to live a healthy and balanced life.

Piece of Cake: What I’m Loving

I think I may have gone a little overboard with my shopping this past month. I have so many goodies that I’m just obsessed about!

This sweater from Amazon. The quality is seriously incredible for a $28 sweater. It fits true to size.

These shoes from Amazon. I had tried on a similar pair at Dillards while we were shopping in Des Moines. I didn’t want to pay the $80 price tag, so I found a perfect swap for $40! I bought two pairs: taupe and gray. They’re super comfy!

I’ve done a lot of shopping at Old Navy recently. If you haven’t been for awhile, I highly suggest going! They’ve really stepped up their game, and I’m obsessed with so many things. Here are just a few items I’ve gotten recently:

  1. A floral jumpsuit that’s going to be perfect for fall!
  2. Quite possibly my new favorite cardigan. It works over soo many different outfits.
  3. I’m obsessed with Old Navy sweatshirts (this is my third one). They’re so comfortable, and I really love the phrase on the front of this one.

What You’ve Been Loving

Some of the heavy hitters on the blog continue to reign supreme. Like this peach upside down cake. It’s always number one.

This 3-ingredient banana ice cream stole second place though.

Some other favorites were these healthy chocolate pudding dirt cups. So perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

upclose of healthy chocolate pudding dirt cups

Also healthy-ish puppy chow. A game day staple. Whether you’re having guests or not.

And finally a caramel apple trifle. So delicious, easy and perfect for fall!

Caramel apple trifle is a delicious layered cake full of spongy spice cake, caramel apples and cool-whip. This easy dessert comes together in just 40 minutes and is the perfect cake for holiday parties.

There it is friends! September in a recap. I can’t wait to share October and Kennedy’s Halloween costume!

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