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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake 033

We’re already halfway through the year 2021 and I’ve started to wonder how time has gone by so quickly.

A lot has happened since our last quarterly update, and I can’t wait to just dive right in to all the goodness that’s taken place!

It’s a Boy!

If you missed the last Piece of Cake quarterly update, then this is going to come as a huge surprise. We’re pregnant and having a boy!

We found out back in April that we’ll be having a little baby boy come September. Kennedy helped us with our reveal by enjoying a blue stuffed cupcake.

Although she really didn’t care what was inside. She just wanted to enjoy the cupcake. Make sure to watch the super cute video on Instagram or Facebook.

Now that I’m officially in the third trimester I’m definitely starting to have moments of “wow, we’re about to be a family of four. How are we going to do this?”

Or feeling like I haven’t had enough time with Kennedy, just her and I before our next little one comes along.

It’s truly this tug and pull for me since we went through so much to get to Kennedy. I was convinced we’d have to go through the IVF process again. But at the same time, there was a little voice in the back of my head saying that it would happen naturally this time around. Little did I know that meant the first time trying after finishing breastfeeding Kennedy.

I am so incredibly grateful for this healthy little boy growing in my belly, and I know everything will be okay once he’s here.

So I’m just taking in all the moments with Kennedy right now and preparing for what needs to happen before he gets here. Things like transitioning Kennedy to a big girl room. Updating the nursery to be more boy friendly. Meal prepping to have easy freezer meals ready for when he arrives.

Kennedy’s Grandparent’s Vacation

Earlier in the year my mom had mentioned to me how she would love to have Kennedy for a week-long vacation this summer.

I thought this was such an amazing idea because I remembered how much I loved the trips visiting my grandparents every summer.

This was the first big trip Kennedy had away from us…10 whole days! (I’m actually writing this blog post on the last day of her vacation).

collage of small kid enjoying a summer vacation

All of the photos and videos we received while she was gone told us that she had an excellent time! She spent time with both sets of grandparents and always had days full of fun.

I’m so excited to keep this tradition going so that both kids can experience all the fun of grandparent vacations.

Our Babymoon/Adult Vacation

While Kennedy was gone on her grandparents vacation, Burken and I took a little babymoon (he hates when I call it that 😂). We went up to Door County, Wi with another couple we’re very good friends with.

It was relaxing and fun and full of so many laughs. Just what we needed before baby boy arrives in early September.

We stayed at a cute little cottage in Sturgeon Bay and then made our way around Door County. We hiked, boated, bar hopped (DD right here!), shopped, ate great food, had great conversation and enjoyed a true Wisconsin supper club experience.

collage of adults on an outdoor vacation

When we returned from Door County we still had a little stay-cation back in Madison before going to pick up Kennedy.

While I missed Kennedy during our trip and our stay-cation, it was nice to cross off a lot from my to-manifest list.

Exciting Changes to Eat for Life Collective

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or you’re not part of the email list, then you may just have missed some big changes within my business.

In February I joined a mastermind that has truly helped me to re-build and re-brand my entire business. It was such an incredible experience that I decided to join it again.

At the end of the first round I got this intuition hit. I needed to change a lot about Eat for Life Collective. That the membership I was running wasn’t what you truly needed to help make a difference in your health and wellness.

I just kept getting this gut feeling. That what you really needed was an intimate and supportive mastermind and one on one coaching. And what was truly missing.

logo for eat for life collective wellness coaching

From having tried everything (diets, meal plans, fitness plans) and none of it working, to having an incredible support system who’s there to help you create healthy habits that fit your personality without any crazy restrictions, so that you can enjoy food without guilt and just feel damn good about what you see in the mirror.

Enter the Finding Freedom Mastermind. This three month group coaching mastermind is everything YOU need to stop thinking about food 24/7 and struggling to find balance in your health. To being confident in your food choices and looking in the mirror and actually liking (and eventually loving) what you see.

It’s an intimate program (truly intimate…not like 15 people on a call) for you as a busy woman and/or mama who’s tired of trying everything and nothing working. Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on how to be healthy and is unhappy with what you see in the mirror because that’s not the version of yourself you wish to see.

If you want to learn even more about the mastermind, check it out here and get your booty on the waitlist for the next round.

What I’ve Been Loving

Oh man, I feel like there are so many things that I’ve loved in the past three months. But I’m going to try and keep it shorter.

All the summer dresses! My belly is totally a different shape and size than it was with Kennedy. So I’m adjusting to that with easy dresses. They keep me nice and cool this summer. Some of my favorite places have been Target, TJMaxx and Old Navy.

This sculpting beauty bar from Target. It’s this amazing vibrating bar that’s supposed to help with depuffing. I just love it for my tight jaw. And it’s a great self-care product.

Crystalized lemon and lime. Okay, this stuff is amazing! Especially as a pregnant mama who doesn’t want to drink boring water all the time. I sprinkle two packets into my 32 oz Yeti and it’s like I squeezed fresh lemon or lime into my water.

pregnant woman drinking a glass of NA wine in her kitchen

Speaking of NA drinks, I’ve been finding some awesome ones this pregnancy. I’ve loved Fre wine, especially the sparkling rose. Also Kul Mocks. I’ve tried the blackberry mock-jito and the strawberry mock-arita. Both were really great! I love that there are so many mock-tail and NA options out there now.

What You’ve Been Loving

Here are the top three posts (recipes or otherwise) that you’ve been loving the past three months.

Some of these are no surprise because they’re constants at the top:

  1. 3 ingredient banana ice cream
  2. Peach upside down cake
  3. Six best HITT workouts under 20 minutes
three scoops of three ingredient banana ice cream in a white bowl

But here are three more I’m excited to see rising to the top lately:

  1. Healthy chocolate pudding dirt cups
  2. Homemade Kind Bars copycat
  3. Vegan walnut pie crust
hand holding three homemade kind bars

Well friends, that’s the end of this quarter’s recap! The next time we chat you’ll be bombarded with baby boy photos. So make sure to check back then to see how things are going with an 18 month old and brand new baby. Wish us luck!

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