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Eat for Life Collective: Your Ultimate Guide to Intuitive Eating

Eat for Life Collective is not only your guide to intuitive eating, it’s a place for you to connect. Both with other like-minded women and with yourself.

There’s so much more to intuitive eating than just listening to your cravings, hunger and fullness cues.

It actually goes a lot deeper than that.

Which is why Eat for Life Collective was created. So what is it exactly?

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Why was Eat for Life Collective Created?

First, I feel like I need to start off with why Eat for Life Collective was created in the first place.

It all started because of the years I spent dieting. All the time and energy that went into tracking points on Weight Watchers, or following a strict cleanse or researching a new way to lose weight.

One day, and I remember this very clearly, I was sitting in our living room and said to Burken, I think I’m going to quit Weight Watchers.

At the time, it was one of the scariest thoughts. It meant no more tracking, no more counting, no more weighing.

I was honestly terrified that I would gain the weight back, and then some, if I wasn’t following a particular diet. There’s no way mindful eating can help me to lose weight.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Guide to Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss

I actually saw myself get in the best shape of my life when I started to eat mindfully.

There’s so much baggage we hold on to when we start diets, and we’re typically always starting them from the wrong place.

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Our starting points have always been from a place of disgust, or hatred. But you can’t make positive changes in your life from those places.

There’s also a lot of feelings the diet culture has instilled in us. Like, if I’m not counting, I can’t lose weight. Or, I can only eat a certain amount of carbs to maintain my weight. Or keto, paleo, Whole 30, or any of the billions of other diets out there, are right and I’m wrong.

But guess what, you’re not wrong! Your body is not wrong!

And that’s what Eat for Life Collective helps you work through.

What is Eat for Life Collective?

Eat for Life Collective is a membership experience that is really your ultimate guide to intuitive eating.

It’s your one-stop-shop for finally ditching your diet, and still losing weight.

It actually all started with the signature program I created around intuitive eating. The guide started as a 12-week video module course with homework each of the 12 weeks. One on one coaching was also built in.

The thing was, I started to feel like maybe the course didn’t offer enough accountability. Even with the 1:1 coaching, there was still room for someone to not complete the course.

Hence the need for a shift. A shift to a membership site, which provides constant accountability, and the perfect guide to intuitive eating.

It also provides you with the coaching that’s necessary to get rid of a lot of those diet feelings you’ve been holding on to for so long. So that you can see some major breakthroughs, and help you actually live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Who is Eat for Life Collective for?

Eat for Life Collective is for the woman who’s tired of chasing the next fad diet. Who’s tired of constantly looking at her food app. Or being stressed out around food.

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The one who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, but is afraid that by giving up on her diet, she’s going to gain all the weight back.

She wants to feel free to eat the foods she loves without guilt or stress. She doesn’t want to follow another diet ever again.

And guess what? That is absolutely 100% possible!

I know this, because I’ve done it. For over four years. And I became a certified nutrition and wellness coach just to be able to teach you all that I know.

The Ultimate Intuitive Eating Guide to Achieving True Food Freedom

I like to call it food freedom, because once you ditch your diet, your world opens up.

You have the opportunity to eat what you love, and love what you eat without guilt, stress or another diet plan telling you what to eat.

Achieving food freedom beings with joining Eat for Life Collective.

It will be your ultimate intuitive eating guide, which includes monthly health challenges, Q&A sessions, access to Piece of Mind Signature Program, trainings and group or individual coaching.

The feeling of never tracking anything you eat ever again is incredible. I know this from experience, and I want to share it with you!

Sign-up today to finally achieve your goals around health and wellness, without following another diet again!


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