Meal Prep Mini Session


Do you struggle at night to get dinner on the table, so you resort to pizza or chicken nuggets yet again?

Are mornings feeling super hectic to get breakfast for everyone and you rush out the door wondering if Starbucks is going to be your lunch for the third time this week?

If you straight up struggle with meal prepping and want to learn the best ways to meal prep, this mini session is absolutely for you!


Book your meal prep mini session (once payment is made, you’ll receive an email to schedule your mini session date and time).

In this 90 minute session:

  • We’ll meal prep in your home to show you how easy it can feel to meal prep on a regular basis in your own space.
  • We’ll actually make meals you have planned for the week so that you’re feeling confident in the kitchen and can relax when it comes to dinnertime.
  • I’ll provide you with a meal planning template and one week of exciting new meals your whole family will love.
  • I’ll get to know your schedule and develop a personalized guide on how to incorporate or reincorporate a meal prep routine into it.


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