Pantry Organization Mini Session


Does your pantry overwhelm you?

You can’t ever seem to find that one spice you’re looking for.

Or you have five boxes of the same rice because every time you go to the store you forget what you have because the pantry is a place you don’t want to touch.

Maybe you continue to knock over the same bottle of olive oil reaching back for the chips.

Then you’re absolutely going to love this pantry and fridge organization mini session!


Book your pantry organization mini session (once payment is made, you’ll receive an email to schedule your mini session date and time).

One 30 minute pantry assessment:

  • I’ll come to your home to better understand what (in the nicest way possible) annoys you about your pantry/fridge
  • I’ll measure your spaces to determine the necessary organizational tools

One 120 minute pantry organization session:

  • I’ll bring all the necessary organizational pieces* to your home.
  • We’ll begin organizing your space together so that you can understand how to replicate in other areas of your home.
  • When I leave, you’ll have a fully organized pantry/fridge that fits you and your family.

*All organizational pieces are included in the mini session price.

Note: if you’d like to organize more than just your pantry, we can discuss during the 30 minute assessment what additional cost that will be.


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