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Raspberry Chia Jam

Raspberry chia jam is fresh, healthy and naturally sweetened. It only requires one blender and five minutes of your time to enjoy a homemade jam.

raspberry chia jam with a loaf of bread

Do you have an all-time favorite jam or jelly? One that takes you back to your childhood or is a comfort food? I’m not sure what it is, but toast and jam has always been a comfort food for me, especially raspberry jam.

Growing up, I obviously never had any issues with the sugar content of jelly. I was an active kid and had a pretty good metabolism.

Fast forward to college where peanut butter and jelly was my staple. It was cheap and quick to make. It was also portable, which was perfect for running out the door to class.

raspberry chia jam on a piece of toast

Now that I’m watching more of what I’m putting into my body and the amount of sugar I take in, jam was one of the first things I wanted to take a look at.

Yes, there are sugar free jams and jellies out there, and I’ve bought plenty of them. But it wasn’t until recently that I really looked at the ingredients label and decided I would rather make a simple homemade jam. One that doesn’t require a lot of effort, or ingredients, and is super fresh.

Enter the raspberry chia jam. With just five ingredients, this is a jam I can totally get behind.

Blender raspberry chia jam

This is one of the simplest recipes on my blog {well maybe with the exception of the blueberry chia jam, which is also just as simple and delicious}.

We start with fresh raspberries, chia seeds {which are crazy healthy for their tiny size}, coconut oil and some pure maple syrup for just a little extra added sweetness.

raspberries, chia seeds, coconut oil and pure maple syrup

Everything is tossed in the blender and blended until smooth.

You’re done!

But for real, all that’s left at this point is to pour the jam into a mason jar, seal and stick in the fridge.

Patiently await your homemade raspberry chia jam

I think this is the hardest part. You need to give the chia seeds time to soak in the liquid. This is what really creates the thickness of the jam.

When chia seeds are soaked they expand and create the most perfect jam-like texture.

raspberry chia jam on a slice of toast with a loaf of bread beside it

The best part is that there’s minimal sugar to this recipe. Many homemade jams require a ton of sugar and pectin to keep them fresh.

Instead, we just use five simple ingredients to make our raspberry chia jam.

Just keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to use. Spread it all over your favorite whole grain bread, or even use it to top some 3-ingredient banana ice cream.

Either way you use this raspberry chia jam, I’m sure you will love it just as much as I have!

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Raspberry chia jam is super simple to make. Requires only five ingredients and a blender. No refined sugar or canning needed. Try this out for you next healthy breakfast. #breakfast #homemadejam #homemade #veganjam #veganjelly #veganbreakfast

Raspberry Chia Jam Recipe
Prep Time
5 mins
Chill Time
2 hrs
Total Time
5 mins

Raspberry chia jam is fresh, healthy and naturally sweetened. It only requires one blender and five minutes of your time to enjoy a homemade jam.

Course: Breakfast
Keyword: homemade jam
Servings: 1 cups
  • 2 cups raspberries
  • 2 Tbsp. pure maple syrup
  • 2 Tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp. melted coconut oil
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  1. In the jar of a blender, add all ingredients and blend until raspberries are smooth and all ingredients are combined.
  2. Pour the jam into a jar with a sealable lid and refrigerate for 2 hours before using.
Recipe Notes

Note: if you’d like a sweeter jam, add an extra Tbsp. of syrup. The jam will keep for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

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