Six Weeks to Wellness

This is the pathway back to you. 

Your space to feel seen, heard and understood and to finally experience less stress, more energy, balance and motivation in life. 

With this revolutionary, one-to-one, holistic wellness coaching, we’ll cover five key areas of your life to improve your holistic wellness, including: time management, pantry organization, meal planning or prep, exercise and mindfulness practices. All with a layer of Human Design on top to truly understand how to create YOUR best wellness routine. 

With either an in-person (25 mile radius of Madison, Wi) or virtual, you’re sure to have the most freeing and supportive experience you’ve ever had when it comes to your holistic health.

woman sitting in a chair with a notebook and coffee mug

Six Weeks to Wellness - In Person

If you live in the Madison, Wi area, this in-person program is going to be meant for you. 

I’ll come directly to your home and support and cheer you on in a way you’ve never been supported or cheered on before when it comes to your holistic wellness!

woman standing with her arms crossed in front of her desk

Six Weeks to Wellness - Virtual

Don’t live in the Madison, Wisconsin area but want to experience the immense benefits of Six Weeks to Wellness?

Try the virtual program which will lead you down the path to rediscovering yourself, your motivation and energy, and how to actually have balance in your life. 

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you’re wanting a quick change, starting your foundation or want to build lasting healthy habits, there’s a program for you.

Book a free wellness consult to see which is right for you.