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FREE Crack Your Wellness Code Session

Transform your wellness routine with your unique Human Design - sign up for a FREE Crack Your Wellness Code session with me today! Learn how to optimize your physical and emotional health with personalized insights and tailored recommendations. Book your free session now and unlock your true potential!

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FREE Human Design Mini Report

If you love Enneagram, you're going to LOVE Human Design. Take a deeper approach to learning your internal operating system and how to best live in alignment. Discovering your "you-nique" Human Design will guide you to how you best make decisions, manifest, digest food and more. Get your FREE mini report below.

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Shop my favorite health and wellness products, fashion, beauty, books and so much more!
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Meditation Crash Course

Whether you're new to meditation or have tried it before and struggled to stick with it, the Meditation Crash Course will help you establish a regular practice through the basics of meditation and how to calm your monkey mind. So don't hesitate - pick up the Meditation Crash Course today and start experiencing the benefits for yourself!

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Human Design Wellness Reading

Understanding your unique Human Design can help you make better decisions, manage your energy more effectively, and improve your holistic wellness. Schedule your Human Design reading to receive personalized insights and guidance to help you achieve greater balance and fulfillment in your life.

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Ladies' Night In

Calling all busy ladies! Let's make meal planning and prep a fun group activity! Host a meal planning or prep party with your girlfriends, where I'll share tips, recipes, and plan or make our meals for the week together. Let's take the stress out of meal planning and cooking and make it a social event. Who's in?

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Pantry Organization Session

Feeling overwhelmed by your pantry? Too embarrassed to open the doors and just don't know where to get started? Let me, the pantry organization queen, do all the heavy lifting for you! I'll clean and organize your space so that it honestly feels like the Home Edit stopped by for a couple hours.

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Meal Planning or Prep Session

Are you looking for a way to make meal planning or prep more enjoyable and less stressful? Look no further than this 1:1 meal planning or prep session! This convenient, fun session is the perfect way to save time and money while also creating delicious, healthy meals that are sure to satisfy everyone in your family.

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Six Weeks to Wellness

This revolutionary wellness program takes a holistic approach to health and well-being by focusing on five key areas: time management, pantry organization, meal planning/prep, exercise, and self-care. This comprehensive program is designed to help busy women develop healthy habits and routines that support their physical, mental, and emotional health based on their unique Human Design.

Life Re-Treat Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping busy women and mothers learn how to treat themselves with love, compassion and grace. I’ll share tips and tricks on everything from self care, holistic health, wellness, motherhood and more.

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FREE Pantry Organization Cheat Sheet

'Home Edit' your pantry with ease using this pantry organization cheat sheet. If your pantry overwhelms you, download this cheat sheet for three simple steps you can take to make your pantry feel fresh, tidy and create a space that makes your heart happy.

FREE Three Steps to a Balanced Life

Living a balanced life is essential to achieving overall well-being and happiness. In this free three-step guide, you'll learn practical strategies for creating balance in your life. The guide includes tips for setting priorities, managing your time effectively, and finding ways to reduce stress and increase self-care. With this guide, you'll be on your way to living a more fulfilling, balanced life.