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In this fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


Life has a way of pulling us in multiple directions, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and disconnected from our own needs. But amidst the chaos, there is profound value in taking a step back, embracing stillness, and prioritizing self-care.


When we allow ourselves the space and time to slow down, something magical happens. We gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what truly matters to us. We tap into our inner wisdom and intuition, guiding us towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Your soul deserves to be reacharged

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What you'll experience during the retreat

Event Details

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Program Details

9:30 am – arrival, settle in and introductions

10 am – discover the fears that are holding you back with Kate Carter Coaching

11 am – snack break and small group discussion

11:15 am – transformational breathwork to release the fears with Nicole Mae Breathe

12:15 pm – relaxation meditation post breathwork to slow the breathing and come back to your body

12:30 pm – nutritious lunch provided and connection time

1:30 pm – discover your unique Human Design and how your internal operating system can help you slow down with Danielle Burken

2:30 pm – rewire yourself for happiness and start to take charge of your life with Andrea Andree

3:15 pm – snack break and small group discussion

3:30 pm – learn how to be productive at work for a clearer mind, creating more intentional living with Jenna Piche and First Light Heath & Focus Consulting

4:30 pm – gentle yoga in the park (weather permitting) to come back to yourself after the transformative day with Marielle School

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What's included

You deserve this retreat. You deserve to carve out time for yourself, to reflect, and to recharge. It’s an investment in your own well-being that will have a profound impact on all aspects of your life.

Learn from six incredible speakers

Each expert speaker provides a transformational experience with their session. You're sure to walk away with many aha moments, along with printed materials to reference after the retreat.

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Connection with like-minded women

We've been hearing the desire and need for connection with others. This retreat is a safe space to connect with others who are ready to focus on their personal growth, re-center and live more intentionally.

Lunch, snacks and water

All you have to do is show up with an open mind and ready for conversation and aha moments. Lunch, snacks and water will be included in your registration.

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Guest gift basket

Each guest will receive a thoughtfully curated gift basket to enhance your continued journey towards overall wellness.

Meet the Speakers

Throughout the retreat, you’ll be guided by experts in the field of wellness, who are dedicated to supporting you on your path to renewal and self-transformation. Engage in empowering workshops that delve into the art of mindfulness, stress management techniques, and strategies for living a more intentional and balanced life.

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Danielle Burken - Danielle Burken, LLC

Your host, Danielle Burken, is a Human Design wellness coach focused on helping women understand their internal operating system. She applies these learnings to five key areas of holistic wellness: time management, pantry organization, meal planning/prep, exercise and mindfulness practices.
Danielle will lead a guided meditation and Human Design session to help you learn your internal operating system and how to best use it to slow down and live more intentionally.

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Kate Carter, Kate Carter Coaching

Kate helps others explore new areas of their well-being — starting from "the inside out." Her coaching style leaves people feeling stronger, protected, lighter, and more clear on the path they have charted for themselves. She believes that unconditional support leads to unconditional possibilities.
Kate will kick off the wellness retreat by helping you uncover your hidden fears and how to step outside of your comfort zone for true intentional living.

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Nicole Broughman, Nicole Mae LLC

Nicole is a passionate and dedicated breathwork facilitator, committed to guiding individuals on their journey of self-discover and transformation. She creates a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their breath and access deeper states of consciousness.
During the breathwork session, you will delve into the power of conscious connected breathing, a technique that has the potential to ignite transformation on a deep level. Through the breathwork, you'll release emotional blocks, access your inner wisdom and unleash your full potential.

Andrea Andree headshot

Andrea Andree, Transformational Coach and Energy Healer

Andrea checked all the items on her “I’ll be happy when” list by 31. Instead of feeling happy, working motherhood left her feeling overwhelmed yet bored with her life. Once she learned that everything in her external life was a reflection of her inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, she started shifting her life from within. After years of inner shifting, she feels more authentic, purposeful, and energetic than ever before. Now she coaches other women through their inner transformation, using a mix of Quantum Energy and Spirituality.
During this session, we’ll discuss: how happiness is your natural state; why feeling happy first helps you better attract desirable situations; and how to re-wire yourself for happiness. We’ll end with an energy activation!

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Jenna Piche, First Light Productivity

As a holistic productive coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Jenna Piche helps growth-minded women get more of the right things done at work, so they can prioritize their families, their health, and their passions.
Are you fed up with the overwhelming stress of constantly being pulled in a million different directions? Join Jenna as she shares firsthand lessons, practical tools, and valuable insights on overcoming the never-ending to-do list, getting more of the right things done in less time, and crushing your goals to achieve fulfillment in both your career and your life.

Marielle School

Marielle is dedicated to bridging the body with the spiritual world, to heal mental, emotional and physical imbalances.
The Yoga Marielle teaches is a tool to bring her students back into their feeling- bodies, to find an authentic connection to their inner wisdom. We explore the deeper postural support muscles as a remedy against anxiety and to create freedom and stability in the body and the mind.

What participants are saying

Ready to re-center myself

I’m excited about this retreat because it will allow me to focus inward and on my personal growth and truly allow me to re-center myself as I head into the back half of the year. I can’t wait!

-Tasha F.

I'm ready to recharge and refocus

I really haven’t taken time to slow down for myself and really take my mental health seriously. It’s unfortunate, but I’m so excited to really dive into my own self discovery and get back to the clarity I need. 

-Kelly L.

Get Your Ticket

We have limited spaces available, so I encourage you to secure your place soon.

You deserve this time for yourself. You deserve to bask in the beauty of slowing down and nurturing your own well-being. Don’t let the demands of everyday life overshadow the importance of self-care.

*Retreat ticket price will increase on August 18, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

September 30, 2023 from 9:30 am – 5 pm

Where: Springs at Pleasant View Apartments Clubhouse

8504 Mansion Hill Ave, Madison, WI 53719

This in an in-person only event. 

We’ve been craving in-person connection recently. The types of transformations that can happen during this event are most impactful being in-person.

Ticket refunds will only be offered until Sunday, July 30. 

Because the event is catered, we need to account for participants. 

If you need to cancel your ticket, please email danielleburken@gmail.com. 

As mentioned, ticket refunds will be available until July 30. 

If you are sick the day of the event, we appreciate you staying home and recovering. 

Tickets can still be transferred to a friend at that time, but a refund will be unable to be made.

If you find you are unable to make it to the event after purchasing your ticket and would like to instead transfer your ticket to a friend, you are more than welcome to do so. 

Please send an email to us at danielleburken@gmail.com to transfer your ticket.