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What does an Intuitive Eating Coach Do?

You may have been wondering, what exactly does an intuitive eating coach do?

What does an intuitive eating coach do, and why you need one. These three simple tips to how a mindful eating coach can help you ditch your diet and still lose weight. How to combat disordered eating and so much more. #weightlosstips #bestdiet #intuitiveeating #mindfuleatingtips #healthcoach #wellnesscoach

Why would I need an intuitive eating coach?

What exactly does intuitive eating mean, and should I be practicing it in my daily life?

These are all super great questions!

As an intuitive eating {or mindful eating} coach, there are three key things that come into play.

1. Guidance

Intuitive eating isn’t new, but it is becoming more mainstream.

It’s the idea of getting rid of a specific diet or plan. Of no longer counting calories, macros or points.

Instead, you’re tuning into your mind and intuition to tell you what to eat and when.

This can be really hard for people who start mindful eating because there’s no set plan.

That’s where I come in. As an intuitive eating coach I provide you with guidance on how to start eating mindfully. How to actually put the logistics behind intuitive eating into practice.

Because honestly, there is so much more to intuitive eating than just listening to your cravings, hunger and fullness cues.

I’ve actually found there to be ten to twelve key steps to making mindful eating a part of your every lifestyle. And as your intuitive eating coach I’m here to guide you through those steps.

2. Support

This one might be a bit more obvious. That someone as a coach would provide you with support.

But when it comes to mindful eating, what kind of support am I actually providing you with?

Here’s the thing, whether you realize it or not, you likely have some form of disordered eating hanging around in your brain.

Disordered eating falls into a category of feelings of guilt, stress, justification, anxiety around food and body. Of constantly being obsessed with food and tracking your food.

When I was on Weight Watchers I thought I had a good relationship with food. But the longer I was on that diet {yes, it’s still a diet}, the more I started to realize that I was obsessed with food, and not in a good way.

I would justify to myself why I got to eat something during the day. “Well, I ran three miles this morning, so I can eat this cookie.”

Or I would plan for certain events, working food around what I had going on that night. If I was going out to dinner with a friend I would eat a light salad during the day, and generally just eat less to feel like I could indulge at night.

These, and more, are all just forms of disordered eating. But our society has taught us that they’re normal feelings to have.

Can I tell you a secret? They’re totally not normal.

That’s where an intuitive eating coach’s support comes into play. With one on one, or group coaching, you’ll be provided with the support you need to work through many of those diet-centered feelings that are going to come up.

3. A different kind of plan to follow

As your intuitive eating coach, I provide you with a different kind of plan.

I won’t be telling you what foods you should eat. When you should or shouldn’t eat. Or even providing you with meal plans tailored to you.


Because, like I mentioned earlier, intuitive eating is about you and learning your hunger and fullness cues. Of learning what works best for you and your body.

The plan I provide you with comes in the form of a membership experience called Piece of Mind Squad.

With your membership, you’ll receive either one on one or group coaching, and access to my Piece of Mind Signature Program.

This program has the 12 steps to begin to eat mindfully and make it a part of your every day life.

Each month there’s a new challenge surrounding intuitive eating. Whether it’s creating goals for yourself {something we do right off the bat}, creating self-care habits, eating foods you haven’t eaten in a long time and being comfortable with it, and so much more.

If you’ve been searching for a way to finally ditch your diet and all the negative feelings that come with it, Piece of Mind Squad was made for you.

Join us today in your first step towards true food freedom.

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