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What Stories are Holding You Back from Achieving Your Goal Weight?

A month or so ago I was watching this video of Rachel Hollis and Amy Porterfield. They were having a discussion about Amy’s weight and trying to reach her goal weight.

She talked about how she used to play small because she felt big. That when she reached her goal weight she would feel better in front of the camera.

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But Rachel pushed her to say “f*ck your goal weight!”. That so many times as women, we’re obsessed with reaching a goal weight. We think that reaching that goal weight will make us more confident, be loved or feel loved, be in control.

It got me thinking about you and your goal weight. About some of the stories you might be telling yourself that are actually keeping you from achieving that goal weight.

So here are four stories that might be holding you back from reaching your goal weight.

Story #1: I’ve always struggled with my weight

This first story is a key one to work on reversing.

It’s very likely you’ve been telling yourself this story for a long time. So long that you’ve come to believe that it’s 100% true.

You try to lose weight. You work really hard on keeping track of the foods you eat. Of being really careful to only eat within your plan. By being really strict, you start to see weight loss happen.

But then something in life throws you off your game. You try to get back on track, but it just doesn’t seem to be the same. And you tell yourself, “well, I’ve always struggled with my weight. This time isn’t any different.”

And that’s where the problem lies.

You’ve told yourself this story for so long that your body and mind believes it to be the truth. So your body is actually going to work really hard to make sure you stay in that struggle zone.

Because even though you’re determined to lose weight, subconsciously you believe in the struggle. So your mind and your ego are going to keep you in that belief. Because it’s safe for you.

Once you start to tell yourself a different story, you’ll actually start to see weight loss happen.

Story #2: Reaching my goal weight is hard and I’m constantly plateauing

Very similar to that first story, if you’re convinced that reaching your goal weight is hard, it’s going to be hard.

Whenever I would plateau, I would always want to try something new. I wanted to try a cleanse, or a detox. Or I worked out harder and longer.

But the story I was always telling myself was that it was a struggle to reach my goal weight. That even when I did reach it, I wasn’t fully happy. And I would always hit a plateau because my body was convinced that’s where I felt safe.

When I finally let go of the struggle and the plateau, that’s when I actually started to see consistent and lasting weight loss.

Story #3: I’m ashamed of what I see in the mirror

Ashamed. Disgusted. Hatred.

All of these words {and more}, I’ve heard women say when it comes to their own bodies. It’s not healthy for your mental state, and it’s definitely not going to help you reach your goal weight.

When you start your weight loss journey from a place of hatred {or shame or disgust} for yourself, you’re never going to reach that goal weight you so desire.

It’s because, once again, your body and mind are holding on to this story you’ve said over and over.

Instead, focus on starting from a place of love and acceptance. “I love my body. I love what I see in the mirror. I’m good with this starting point.”

If you feel like you can’t get behind those sayings just yet, begin with, “I’m starting to love my body. I’m starting to believe that the place I’m starting at is exactly where I need to be. I am starting to believe that I can reach a healthy weight for myself.”

Story #4: When I reach my goal weight, I’ll be…

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How often have you said, “When I reach my goal weight I’ll be confident in my own skin.”? Or I’ll be happy, feel loved, feel sexy, be in control…Or enter any other feeling you’ve had in the past.

But that’s the thing, reaching your goal weight is not going to make you any of those things.

I think on a surface level you may know that already, but do you know that on a deeper level? On the level where you truly believe that reaching your goal weight shouldn’t be tied to how happy, confident, in control or loved you feel?

So let’s get really real here.

What is achieving your goal weight tied to? If it’s love, why don’t you feel loved now? Where are these feelings stemming from?

Many of the times we can trace them back to a specific moment in childhood, or even our adult lives that caused us to feel/think this way. I would encourage you to really think about all of this and dig deep.

Story #5: I’m ready to make a change

This bonus story is one that I want you to consider from a different place than usual.

Usually you’d say you were ready to make a change because you felt disgusted with yourself. You didn’t like a photo you saw. You wondered how you ever let yourself get to this place.

Instead, I would encourage you to make a mindset change. I encourage you to have some deep, and really real conversations with yourself on why you want to lose weight and what your goal weight means to you.

But if you struggle with having these honest and real talks with yourself and want some Rachel-esc truth talk, join the Cake tier of the Eat for Life Collective.

We’ll work on a deeper level to unpack what weight loss means to you and help you achieve a lasting and sustainable weight through group coaching.


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