Hey friend! Ready to change your holistic health?

If you’re new to this space, hey! I’m Danielle. I’m a holistic health coach, helping women close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be. My way of coaching is unlike any typical nutritionist or personal trainer.

My focus is on supporting you to find balance in your life (for real), to help you feel like the super woman you are, while also setting boundaries that you can stick to. Because holistic health means the whole you. Your every day lifestyle.

If you’re ready to finally have a method to achieving holist health, check out some of the below ways we can work together. Looking for custom coaching that specifically meets your goals? Please email me directly at danielle{at}eatforlifecollective{dot}com.

Coaching Options

woman standing at the fridge with the door open

6 week, in-person intensive

Balance can exist.

With this in-person intensive I will coach you on how to make all the pieces of real life (i.e. meal planning/prep, exercise, meditation and journaling) work in seamless order.

So that you can finally feel like a super woman mom, while also learning to set boundaries and take time for yourself.

woman standing in exercise clothing looking at the camera

3 Month Coaching

Take the 6-week intensive to the next level.

If you’ve long struggled with mom-guilt, figuring out how be everything for everyone (mom, wife, business woman/co-worker, friend, cleaning lady, cook, etc.) and never take time for yourself, this coaching program is for you.